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By Anonymous
my dumbass ate a giant soul before realizing this.......fml
By Anonymous
Tbf the item description tries to trick you into doing exactly that.
By Anonymous
Shouldn't it be multiplied by 32x not divided by32x since divided would been you take more damage the more giant souls you have?
By Anonymous
No, it means the damage you deal to vendrick is divided by that amount. For example, if your weapon normally did 288 damage, it gets divided by 32 to do only 9 damage.
By Anonymous
If you have ever tried to fight vendrick with no giant souls, it will be a very long and painful process. The souls make him weaker overall.
By Anonymous
Any reason not to consume them for a quick 50k after killing Vendrick?
By Anonymous
Well, you may have to farm them again each NG+ in order to quickly dispatch Vendrick. As long as you keep 5 of them in your inventory, you may pop any extra one for they'll not give you any benefit whatsoever.
By Anonymous
Used one in the room with Vendrick, because I vaguely remembered they had something to do with him
Then I open this page and you don't need to use them, just hold
F**k my memory
By Anonymous
Same here... xD
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By LuciferFallen
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"Lower Vendrick's defense bonus when souls are in your inventory."
when I keep reading about things on the wiki, I feel even more stupid about everything I've read.
By Anonymous
It is amazing how much tedium "sneaking a peek" will alleviate.
By Anonymous
I summoned 2 npc phantoms to help fight the 2 giants for fun, nit only did they not come down with me, I got to fight 4 giants at once, I lost but I almost killed them
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By Conde_Nado
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on ds2 sotfs x360
I saved my 4 giant souls and fought Vendrick with a greatsword and I dealt little damage but acceptable

is this correct? because I saw some vidios and the damage was VERY small
By Anonymous
I had 4 souls 2 times i killed him, 1 faith str with barb gs around 430 damage buffed and 1 pure str build over 500 dmg with great club and magic resin
By Anonymous
I used all of them. Now i do magnificent 12 dmg per hit. Sometimes 11. Guess I'll take on him on ng+