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By cmo999
I got a bloodied whip drop from one of the enemies in the Frigid Outskirts of the Crown of the Ivory King DLC! It was the first time I've ever acquired this item. It was the warrior that stands outside of the building with the Pharos lockstone activated healing pool.
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By SlimeC0RE
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Arguably the most practical whip to use in the game.
By Pudie
If only SOFTS's 60 FPS didn't double the weapon breaking rate... The Old Whip would still be a viable choice... Sigh.
By Anonymous
I thought it fixed
By Anonymous
hey Pudie, get with the times. they fixed that bug YEARS ago....
By Anonymous
the most unknown weapon in the game but I like it!
By Anonymous
I wish there was a drop rate percentage listed on these items, so that way I could learn the best way to farm these possible. Maybe then I won't have to spend several hours and get 20 cracked red eye orbs!
By Anonymous
3 hours and over a hundred orbs later, it finally dropped for me.
By Anonymous
They barely mean anything anyhow. RnG is a thing.
By Anonymous
I farmed 99 red eye orbs, but no ****ing whip. NICE!
By Anonymous
I got two. That run to happened way more times than I care to admit.
By Anonymous
I only knew this existed from the loading screen.
By Anonymous
Same thing here! I was watching the loading screen, and noticed this funny weapon that I’ve never seen in my eight year history of this game.
By Anonymous
the exact same story as with the magma blade in elden ring ( ) ...

both times i spend some time on it, decide its really not worth my, this is the last run then i just give up a move on... after killing a group of enemies that can drop it i decide Alright ill go far far futher ahead for the one signe last enemy that, virtualy speaking, is capable of droping, but what are the chances. iwalk all the way, kill him, decide alright lets give up and do something else. Then i loot body.

of course if fcking drops just when i give up.. again..
By Anonymous
Exact same response from most people after reading your whining, too : enough already. Rare drops drop RARELY. Get it? We all get it. Enough farming anecdotes. It's dumb af.
By Anonymous
What is the drop rate?
By Anonymous
**** this drop rate