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By Marushin
If you light all the sconces here... it will spawn a dark spirit who drops a petrified something (i dont did this in the previous versions, only with Scholar of the First Sin)
By Anonymous
if you give the petrified something to the little things in the nest they give you GREAT gift.
By Anonymous
Bastard fell off the cliff and I didn't get the loot. :( Reloading didn't help either. Booo
By Anonymous
It's easy to miss if you're searching for 'ogre' instead of 'cyclops' above, but note that the Stone Ring is dropped by the Ogre before the witch hut bridge, not by the pair near the gender-bending coffin! I thought I'd missed the drop.
By Anonymous
no mention of statue blocking third mist?
By Anonymous
So start your character with the bonfire ascetic and before you go any further burn that ascetic. See how well you do. This is how I'm starting my third toon after I lost my other two from corrupt data.
By Anonymous
yeah, the statue and the basilisk in the 3rd tutorial?
i'm scared of being cursed by it...

pointing i'm playing on SOTFS.
By Anonymous
Did you kill the old people?
By Anonymous
Whoever the ****** is that wrote this is clearly not a native english speaker. Some parts are almost impossible to understand due to really bad syntax and sentence structure.
By Anonymous
cool, die.
By Anonymous
I read that things easy verily. Smartness you looking for should!
By Anonymous
You have made 2 grammatical errors yourself. People in glass houses....
By Anonymous
The walkthrough? I feel the walk through was quite easy to understand, in fact reading this led me to realize I missed something. Either way it doesn't make the writer an ******, you on the other hand, may be.
By Anonymous
I might suggest you to see your own ****ing sentence casul
By Anonymous
needs to look at a guide on how to beat the tutorial, complains that the walkthrough is too hard. sounds about right
By Anonymous
Guys I fell off the edge here and respawned at the gutter bonfire beside The Rotten fog gate, is this a bug or did I just fighure out some freaky*****??
By Jed
Strange. I tried falling off various locations and it just tosses me back to the initial spawnpoint (bonfire unlit) or to the last bonfire rested at.
By Anonymous
I've had this before, the best way to force it to happen is g [this message has been deleted]
By Anonymous
if i enter the coffin will i and change to female then re enter to change to male will i get my facial hair back?
By Anonymous
Nope, you become a bearded lady circus side show freak.
By Anonymous
I believe this is supposed to be a "whomb" and us beeing the newborn. With the rift ... well....being the "exit". It's also the place where our gender is determinated. Same as in real life.
By Anonymous
Gotta say "WOW."
By Anonymous
Ah, right, and what do the enemies represent? A yeast infection?
By Anonymous
The enemies represent the others that could've been before you?
By Anonymous
i made a mistake their are the curse frogs here in the last tutorial area
By Anonymous
Someone should remove the note at the end of the walkthrough. The black phantom doesn't spawn on last gen consoles.
By Anonymous
I don't know if anyone else has done this, but in SoTFS (ps4) you don't need a fragrant branch for the last fog door. Its possible to jump from the high ledge above. Its a little tricky, but it will give you early access and save you a branch.