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By Anonymous
Don't knock the Dark Spirit off the edge like me.
By Anonymous
what does the dark spirit drop? cause i just did the same
By Anonymous
It drops a petrified something
By Anonymous
Still not sure why the third tutorial area is locked behind a petrified enemy. Makes no sense.
By Anonymous
most likely to keep new players from blundering into the two ogres that hang out near the gender-change coffin too early. In the non-SotFS version, the statue isn't there.
By Anonymous
Only thing I can think of is that it leads to the area with the 2 trolls where you can fight the pursuer and maybe get an item i cant remember
By Anonymous
Things Betwixt sounds like dollar store Lands Between
By Anonymous
One of the later places is even worse, The place Unbeknownst
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By DezZzO
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Literally the opposite, Lands Between is unsophisticated in comparison
By Anonymous
why do I hear grunts in this area? I have lit every torch and walked through every fog gate, now I'm hearing really weird grunts, could it be The Rotten?
By Anonymous
why would it be the rotten dude
By Anonymous
I think the dark spirit that spawns when you light all the torches is the fourth firekeeper gone hollow
By Anonymous
Fourth firekeeper is the old lady your character talks to in the opening cinematic.