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By Anonymous
When farming these for souls I always use greater fireball on the 2h ones they go nuts if you get in close
By Anonymous
I use sorcery it seems to work quite nicely
By Thirty7
I believe they are weakest to dark, then magic second.
By Anonymous
Fire seems to work best for me; maybe they just have bad all-around magic/element resistance
By Anonymous
Had one of those greathammer ones do a 12 hit combo on me till I lost all my stamina from blocking. Then I got hit and it stopped.
By Anonymous
one of the most badass looking generic foe in the game
By Anonymous
The sword weilding ones can slam their swords on you when they do the spin combo, Dodge it can't block it, how I know this? Killed by it but only once. Hardest level in the game
By Anonymous
Slow moving enemies yeah sure !!!
By Anonymous
Just block or dodge their attacks... Not too tricky... (Get an early 100% phys shield- like the Drangleic Shield). Makes it much easier! Move around them with shield up and swing when they are open!
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By SilverKnightDragon
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Greatsword 1061HP on NG Greatsheild and Hammer 1375 HP still working on Great Hammer and Sword and sheild