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By Anonymous
I'm pretty sure this guy's racist or something horrible like that
By Anonymous
I might just use a seed of the giants tree, dince this guy is such a pain in the ...
By Anonymous
im gonna make him my *****
By Anonymous
Drop a seed on him in Brume, It's worth it. During the second encounter in the frozen outpost, defeat him before unlocking the gate, or him and jabba the hut will gank you. He can bleed and poisoned, poison is recommended. Beware of his 999 poise, he doesn't stagger at all.
By Anonymous
Aye, this *****stain is the epitome of Fromtroll bull. He killed himself by jumping off of the tower instead of running to the idol like the ***** he is though.
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By SlimeC0RE
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He does stagger, I staggered him with bone fist's strong attack and flying jump, but it's hell to get the best of it, and really difficult to get behind his back.
By Gorzjack
I suggest using toxic mist. It will take all 3 uses, and he won't attack you during; he will only try to run. This will allow you to chase him and simply wail on him while he's wide-open and attempts to use a corrosive urn. May take 2 chases, but he still won't attack you, because he's set on running away to heal.
By Gorzjack
For the Frozen Eleum Loyce Maldron, that is.
By Anonymous
If you're having trouble with Frozen Eleum Loyce Mauldron, even after opening the gate, there is one thing you can do. Once you get the free backstab in the room you meet him in, just stand in the doorway that he runs through. He cannot phase through you, and he will not attack you. You can body block him and just keep attacking. If you do it right, you'll kill him before he even gets a chance to run to Jabba. I found most success sticking to the left side of the doorway.
By Anonymous
For the Ivory King encounter, if you don't feel the need to kill him you can make sure you've lit the bonfire near there (it's across the bridge in a house a bit further back) and hit him until he runs away. Pull the lever then feather/bone/run back and rest. Then when you've reset, run across the bridge without entering the house he's in and drop down so you can run straight through the open gate. if you run and dodge well enough you shouldn't take any damage (the hedgehog things are the main issue so be careful). If you keep running the enemies should stop chasing after that. You can progress comfortably from there with no stupid assassin making your life difficult.
By Anonymous
You can block his way at the door and use toxic mist to bring him down.
By Anonymous
In Eleum Loyce, after wounding him until he runs to the dead end corner (assuming you haven't opened the gate to Jabba yet), you can lure him to the elevator room you first came down in. He won't be able to get through the door (Note: Not tested in Scholar of the First Sin). Using a long weapon and good timing, you should be able to dodge his attacks and chip away at him allowing you a relatively painless kill. I've only done this once, so I can't attest to this strategy's reliability.
By Anonymous
what do you mean ds2 doesn't have patches? its this *****er right here. ***** this guy.
By SteelDash
jokes aside, this is literally patches
take a closer look
By Anonymous
what about Courteous Pat ? polite, fake friendly, but set trap to try to kill you.
he almost succeded on creighton, then give you his equipement so that creighton confuse you for him (this does not work) when dueling him, creighton dialogue show that pat had been hiding his strenght.
By Anonymous
TRyan using Lloyd talisman on him
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