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By Jarka
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In brume tower, he's a bit annoying, as he run to a cursed area, and if you don't have any curse resist equipment, you can not follow him.
But that also mean you can't use a bonfire or even quit the game, as he still present in our world.
Not very well thought through.
By Anonymous
A coward.
By Anonymous
This guy is a great example of why Lances are so incredibly overpowered in on NPC phantoms - he will ALWAYS roll catch you if you're close. Don't even bother letting him get close, it's a fast ticket to death.
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By doitjiggle31
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why aren't all npc invaders like this? maldron has more personality to him than most people
By Anonymous
*Uses Seed of a Tree of Giants* = more like Malding the Assassin lmao
By Anonymous
Never managed to kill him in Eleum Loyce due to not having a weapon to stunlock him, but I got him in Brume Tower cuz you can just run in front of him once he guns it for the stairs.
By Anonymous
It was pretty damn satisfying to take down this bastard in Iron Keep after killing all of his allies
By Anonymous
Okay screw y'all guys. This guy is amazing. This is what invader NPCs should've always been. This is the most cleverly designed enemy that actually used the area to fight you, which is what the disadvantaged invader should do. This is peak NPC design.
By Anonymous
Found the bootlicker
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
For me there were only three memorable invaders: The guy after Belfry gargoyles (in the area with all the dogs), Jester Thomas and Maldron
By 6Daddy66
I agree. This guy is currently pissing me off to no end in Brume Tower, but not due to bad design, quite the opposite lol.
By Anonymous
I wish we could cut his D I C K off :)
By Anonymous
I'm pretty sure this guy's racist or something horrible like that
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