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All you really have to do is hit him until he stands up, then keep doing criticals behind him. I literally killed him with my fists only and he didnt land a single hit on me because he takes knockback with your bare fists only with around 9 strength I believe.
pay for your sins and you will can talk to him at cost of 6000 soul by time
I killed him, but now I regret that since i didn't get to buy the spells from him that i wanted. Does anyone have a solution to how I can get him back or something simmilar?
pay for your sins and you will can talk to him at cost of 6000 soul by time
wait till NG+
all wrong. just pray at his gravestone, he will revive at a cost of 7,500 souls, u can then proced like nothing ever happened...
Burn bonfire asetic at the bonfire next to him. He'll cone back
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What I don't get is why he uses only pyromancy when you aggro him. Makes no sense because he'll tell you that sorcery or pyromancy never appealed to him, and yet there he is casting pyromancy at you...with a from software b-team?
he said it never appealed to him. He never said he didn't know how to use them.
He may seem the fire as realistic to keep the dark at bay, a recurring theme in all the dark souls games
Lore theory on his use of staff Pyromancy: Perhaps Felkin was okay at Pyromancy and Sorcery, but suddenly found the dark one day. perhaps after discovering "the Dark" he found himself learning Hexes at a faster rate then he ever could of achieved with Pyromancy or Sorcery, and he felt like he learned nothing... but that is false since he has proven to be good at Pyromancy, and almost seems to have recreated flame sorcery, or at least found someone else who recreated it and learned the secret himself at some point. I reckon he only uses flame sorcery when fighting you since he views it as a ritualistic way to banish the dark that he thinks is controlling you when you attack him(depending on how you take what he says in his aggro dialogue "You've let Dark…take control…").

Before you call bull to this and state the staff cannot cast a mimic of Flame Sorcery, then let me tell you that you can use a Pyromancy flame to cast dark Pyromancy, and the Chaos Flame magic(and upgrade path) in Dark Souls 1 was created by the Witch of Izalith... which runs on humanity(a form of dark). So basically his magic isn't the pure Flame Sorcery, but as I said a recreation... an imperfect recreation to be sure. Tho I have no idea if Felkin realizes that his Fake Staff Pyromancy shares the basic framework as Dark, but chances are he might if he feels closer to the Dark then he does regular Pyromancy.

How does that theory sound?
It could be he found sorceries or pyromancy too easy and hexes difficult enough to keep his attention. Geniuses often lose interest in fields they find too easy. But Dark magic, being potentially dangerous to use and maybe hard to perform correctly could have easily captured his attention.
I suspect he worked with Aldia, because he was clearly at the keep as stated by the locked up sorcerer who wants him dead and also he has the Sunset Staff. My guess is he got in touch with his dark working for Aldia and went AWOL when Aldia went messing with the chaos flame. That last part is speculation but it would make sense being he looks like the bed of chaos.
Navlaan is just a murderer. Thats all
I accidentally aggroed him and now he's instakilling me with his fire spell!
Go to Cromwell the Pardoner in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Pay him to forgive your sins and Felkin won't attack you anymore
Is felkin blind?
Its speculated so. Dark Diver is and they both peered into the Nebulus that is the Dark. So its very possible.
Physically? Maybe. Mentally? Totally not.
Wow, I just love how they tied Dark with Chaos, jesus. <3 And the way he started sorceries and miracles, but didn't like them, and because Chaos mage, it's just, wow. I guess someone dived into the darkness in Fromsoft, congrats. :3