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I have 50 attunement and 6 Great lightning spears.
Denial is unique in that you can only increase its casts with hexer's hood, saint's hood and southern ritual band. This list is a generalization anyway since not all spells with the same starting casts get additional ones at the same attunement levels and listing them all would be pretty tedious.
Pressed post too early. I have 6 great lightning spears with one attuned spell at 50 attunement, but only 1 denial.
Thats terrifying
at attunement level 33, I got 1 more cast with 2 and 3 initial cast spells for 3 and 4 casts. I didn't notice about others... they might have an addition cast or not. (Steam PC version, SotFS, latest version)
Yeah same here. This table is just showing when you get the extra spell slot and how many casts you'll have by the time you reach the given attunement. Spell casts don't go up at the same time as spell slots. Even at 40 attunement, spells with more casts will see improvement a couple times before 50 attunement.
20 attunement: 20 --> 23 in Sotfs at least the case for dark orb.
Is it possible to attune as a knight


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Yes many spells and pyromancy are utilities or have no major faith Intel scaling. Also use spices to lower spell requirements. Attunement of 13 to 20 is ideal as a few spells take more than one slot or synergize together. You may want fall control and cast light at the same time. Yearn is also very useful and life saving as is flash sweat, fire ball, cleansing and warmth. Also silent movement spell for backstabs. Pyromancy in particular is scaled off your flame and strength.
if you intend to do high level build don't use spices it makes them much much much worse eventually doing almost no damage feel free to use it on spells like force that have no reason not to all though they generally have low requirements anyway
This is incorrect for softs. Somewhere between 31-35 attunement i got one more cast on my soul arrow. Also, despite currently being at 52 attunement, i still only have 4 casts of soul spear
1. cause this table is meant for slots and not to casts directly 2. cause Soul Spear has initially 2 casts
Try using the hexers hood
Would be nice to have a table for the agility increase per level like the adp page has
I agree. It's one of the biggest reasons to invest in this stat.
Every 4 points gives 1 agility, 98 -> 99 does nothing
There is a spell use upgrade at 33 ATN: 8 use spells get 10, 4 use spells get 5, 3 use spells get 4, 10 use spells get 13. Tested using Sorceries.
Wow... confirmed, from 93 to 94 attunement, crystal soul spear gains that last cast. I couldn't believe they would do that to us O_o guess I'll be leaving attunement at magic number 94 indefinitely then.
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