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Forlorn can invade you here.
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How many Smelter Wedges should I save?
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you can use 1-2 on your Way to clear Elevators -> Either refill when you have 3/5 Bonfires+Active Elevators -> OR -> Burn 4x at Fume Knights Arena (3 at least)

When I was new to the DLC, I wasted alot by tossing alluring Skulls beneath, trigger the Explosion (it gives I-Frames and Stuns all Enemys ~5 seconds) and go for All-In-Lever-Pull.
But I would rather use them exclusively around "Animated Armor" Enemy Types (The goofy moving Archer/Fire Guys), cause it makes them ressurrect themselves - And of Course around Fume Knights Arena!
Youtube has pretty good shorts about Locations/Runthroughs/Techniques for the DLC

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Love the bosses, hate the area.
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"As soon as you reach an ash covered area after the stairs, an Ashen Idol will emerge. It will blow up and cause several fire pillars to erupt around it. So once you see it surface, retreat to a safe distance and let it throw its flame tantrum before approaching it and using a Smelter Wedge to destroy it"
Do not destroy this 1st Ashen Idol until after you have killed the Fume Knight, otherwise you will run out of Smelter Wedges.
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You can easily just grab the additional wedges near the dispelling ring and have more than enough for the boss
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Strength Ring missing from 'equipment' section
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Is that fightin cowboy im the pictures??
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This DLC is so boring, the entire area lots of enemies will outnumber you and if you try to find a better position to fight them even more of them will spawn and attack you. Dude this is not enjoyable, a hard game is okay but the whole game it's been the same... enemies outnumbering and stunlocking you to death. At least I bought the game with a good discount... I'm having a terrible experience playing the game, and now DLCs are making me feel bored. Gosh, why do they count towards the platinum trophy....
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Why platinum a game you don’t like?
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you aint no platinum gamer
go back and beat golden axe, then join us in the future
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Git gud
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Just like every other dlc area more ds2 bs oh well good thing they NEVER made another souls game without Miyazaki. Lol
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This area alone is better than most of DS3, stay mad
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dark souls 2 fan just trying to make dark souls 2 seem like the best souls game.
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two of the best ds2 bosses in this area... and its visually more impressive than 90% of ds1 and ds3...
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Bro in this comment section is waffleing. DS3 + DS1R >>>>>> DS2
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For anyone looking for the Majestic Greatsword, there is no "metal door" past the Foyer bonfire; it's an archway. I spent 10 minutes looking for a "metal door" only to realise that the guide was referring to an archway with no door at all.
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By Jarka
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There is a metal door, on the left from the bonfire, in the circular room.
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One of the best areas in terms of layout and level design. Difficulty-wise, I'm getting my *** handed to me.