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How get to curse tower?
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go to the foyer bonfire. backtrack towards the second bonfire untill you get to the spot where you find the first enemy who has the back turned. kill him and deal with any other enemies coming from the ash-area. At this point don't climb up the ladder but turn around again. You will see a staircase on the left of the path which you took to get here. Go down there and walk accross the chain. At that point you will be invaded by a nasty Dark spirit with a great lance, who hides behind a corner on the top level untill you get there.
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The crystal lizard didn't give me any twinkling titanite... the one thing I need :(
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Awww poor precious baby.
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That tower for the Majestic Greatsword is a ****ing NIGHTMARE, beat out only by the path to blue smelter boy.
This DLC are destroying my ******* without even the courtesy of using even a drop of lube.
By Anonymous
Force the invasion, restart the game. He won't respawn until you sit at a bonfire again, so, no more ***** NPC invader roaming the tower.

Rush Nadalia, take her out with a smelter wedge, then sprint back upstairs and slowly descend. You'll eventually get it done!

Once you've done it, you can sit at a bonfire and get back there to fight the invader, keep in mind you'll have to kill everyone else as well, again.
Good thing is that they no longer have ash, so they're weaker, and none will "revive".
By Anonymous
You can also just walk back to the foyer bonfire and then just head a bit further, (like you're going to the room with all the barred walls you can raise,) and he'll despawn on his own.
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Am I a gigantic ****ing * or is anyone else having trouble killing that crystal lizard before it runs it's dumb *** off the ledge?

>Inb4 You're having trouble, AND im a *.
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It isn't 2 Ash Warriors in the ash field by the Fume Sorcerers. It's a 6-count ambush. Learned the hard way.
By Anonymous
******* area. Cheese with poison arrow if you dont git gud like me
By Anonymous
Just because an area is difficult doesn’t mean it’s “*******”
By Anonymous
It's not difficult, but it is indeed *******. It's also monotonous, boring and dull.
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Leave the very first ashen idol for after you get the last smelter wedge. Going back and using it on the very first ashen idol beforehand is pointless. It's not one that's respawning or healing any enemies... there are no enemies at the top with the first bonfire. Any items in that area can still easily be acquired.
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Funny enough, the mod I use increase the boss' speed, which somehow makes the fume knight's move more predictable
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So upset at this at this page. “Be sure to keep at least one Smelter Wedge to bring to the boss fight.” Ok… did that. Oh, I need FOUR!
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basically it's best to keep one so you can fight with "enough space" in one of the corners so that he doesn't heal
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Would've been nice if the guide said that before it told you to use them all before.
What an atrocious DLC
By Anonymous
There are ten smelter wedges in the level, and ten ashen idols, including the four surrounding the Fume Knight's arena. You have to go looking for the extra four wedges, as they're secreted away, but their location is clearly listed in the optional content section of this page,