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By Anonymous
He can spam all the spells he wants, tank better than you, and all his spells lock on
By Anonymous
What a strange fight, tons of health, lots of spells with a good chunk of damage considering how early-game it is. i managed to beat him by kiting him around pillars, so he couldn't see me...almost like he forgot i existed as soon as i was behind the pillar.
By Anonymous
for the forest of the fallen giants encounter i just used the ladders around me and kept hitting him with spells
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By SilverKnightDragon
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His weakness is melee, when he is not casting he sometimes will pull out his sword and hold his shield up, guard break him and you can riposte him for high damage. be careful because he is programmed to snap back up and attack you really quickly after a Back stab or riposte.... much faster than you can heal. Armourer Dennis has over 90 Int, ~3800HP in Iron Keep and can use Soul Vortex, Soul Geyser(rare OKO) , Soul spear, Soul bind and Soul Greatsword and they all hit hard. these are all player spells that can be used against you in PvP so get used to dodging them. he can be cheesed with a rebels great sheild but you want to force him to melee, at close range he can use Vortex and Bind. if not he will try to go you with is sword. wait until he raise his shield guard break and riposte . he is also susceptible to backstabs when casting spells
By Anonymous
Fought this guy at low level with Ruined Aflis helping. The only way I could effectively kill him without getting myself killed was to trade him back and forth with my NPC summon. It took 6 backstabs combined with normal attacks to kill this ******! He is one of the tankiest NPCs I have ever fought in a souls game.
By Anonymous
Spam me like hell, continiously invade me each time i launch a game. Was near the third bonfire of the fallen giants forest, where you fight 4 Ironclad turtle at the same time. So rushing between the ironclad make them to be agro by this sucker Dennis as he run after you too. And even Dennis can't tank 4 Ironclad at the same time so here's how i finally get released of him.
By Anonymous
try to lure him all the way back that you came from.
past the corridor with skeletons up the stairs in the room that give access to the big root.
seems he can't enter the room, so you can easily kill him from the distance with ranged attacks.
watch out for his spells once in a while.
this works for me.
By Anonymous
As a Human, you can summon a Shadow that is very useful against him. His summoning symbol is right after the entrance of the dark hallway. (Scholar of the first Sin)
By Anonymous
Do you have any idea how many times I died trying to beat this guy?
By Anonymous
my first encounter with this dude i genuinely thought he was a player with a set of cheated spells
By Anonymous
I beat him with the flame long sword and the great shield you can buy at the start in Majula. Circle strafe. Bait out attacks then block and then counter with 2 attacks. Interrupt any spells he tried to cast. If you try to just hold your shield up he'll bash you and then combo 2 attacks. If you need to heal just dash around the doorway in the room before the bonfire.
By Anonymous
have like 50 int, hit the *****er with a soul spear and it only does 250 >:CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC