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I don't know how to change controls on pad
i dont know where the l3 button is. lol
Click the left control stick.
You press down the left joystick
how to do forward leaping attack on pc??? with keyboard & mouse
You press w+strong attack, it’s hard to time it with a mouse as you would need to time the second click together.
Best thing to do is not use the keyboard and mouse because it transforms the game into bloodborne
how do you save game
Press quit the game and the game will be saved automatic.Is not Skyrim.You can't have many save slot.
It sadly auto saves at every action you do.
How can i circle toward when fight a boss ?
is it just me or is the timing for the gaurd break attack completely different than the kick in ds1? took me **** hours to realize you have to move the stick slightly before hitting the attack button to get it to work
How can i do Target Lock on my qwerty ? is udeful this compination for beat King Vendrick.
How can i do Target Lock on my qwerty ? is useful this combination for beat King Vendrick.
On ps4: press L3 or it as R3
On ps3: check above
idk about xbox
On PC press "R" to target lock
How do I kick in ds2 on my ps4?



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You can't kick in ds2
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