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pc is fking terrible
they try really hard to force people abandon pc version :(
You HAVE TO rebind the controls.
But how to buff up weapon on Xbox controller?
You HAVE TO rebind the controls.
Its not unplayable, you just need to buy a wired xbox controller and they are like fifty bucks
The PC version has full controller support
what in hell sort of controls are these? at least DSI's controls made sense... this is just insane...
You might want to download autohotkey for PC version and "hack" the controls by using an *.ahk script. Therefore you can manage the mapping of controls quite easily. You can look up the internet for any help, some people have done this before so there can be ahk scripts pre-made and fitting.
if they are going to port a console to pc they should at the very least rewrite the game so it doesn't prompt for xbox buttons. Anything less than actually putting the slightest bit of effort into making the game playable is just a money grab. It lacks honour and dirties their name. I personally will never buy another one of their games.
A PC blows any, I MEAN ANY, console out of the water (spec wise).
here i recommend to Git Gud
Horrific it keeps prompting for a controller button (e.g., press the Green A key to examine). There's no way I can see to bind the prompt keys that use a game controller to a PC keyboard key.... ?
Use a PS3 controller for PC. Don't use the keyboard. Problem solved.
git gud
gud git.
Why's it only possible to do keyboard+mouse or controller? How about keyboard only as in DS1? I found it impossible as there's too many buttons now because for some completely not understandable reason DS1's working compact control scheme was butchered apart in DS2. Sprint and jump not the same button anymore? Did someone get butthurt over falling down a ledge or what? Im running out of keys to bind all the new, useless keys to!
DSII controls was the reasons i bought a pad, lol
i wann do myself in ga kower
How a du fak do I kick?
W + heavy attack
how do i guard break on controller?
Take just a step foward using joystick while simultaneously pressing the light attack button. Foward + r1 + practice
How do you block
You click on someones acc and choose the block option
How do I do a thrusting attack on xbox 360
How to two handed left weapon?
Hold down what ever button you use to 2 hand right weapon. ex: PS4 hold down triangle