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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Can u fix the summon sign connection on ps4. All of a sudden I can't summon anyone but NPCs. my friend can see me just fine. my sign shows up within a minute. I'm even using guidance but all to no avail. Heard other people are having this issue, please patch. Would like to play but currently this is unplayable. I'm only playing with my friend and would like to see this game to the end.
What was the last update for on ds2. Was like june 12 2016. Please let me know
Put the same password system on dark souls 2 like u guys did for dark souls 3
I updated my dark souls 2 ans played on my mail character about 80 hours is it possible to delete patches and play before soul geyser nerfs on my main character? I tried deleteing downloaded patches but then i couldnt play on character created on newest patch.
What a nice post and nodoubt explained beautifuly.Thank you for such a wonderful article and sharing.
God bless you.Keep it up the good work.!
Driver Toolkit key
I thought there was Patches as a character in DS2 :(