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By StraiteCash
So this is the covenant of infinite farming? Awesome, I honestly have thrown maybe 600 hours in this game and never knew that, and now I feel like a mad fool...
By Anonymous
Sorry if this is a stupid question. But does everything go back to normal if you abandon the covenant? New to DS2.... Just want to farm for a bit so I thought of joining this covenant...
By Anonymous
you just need to join any other covenant or talk to the cat in majula
By Anonymous
Ah, this is the reason I almost quit the game in my 1st playthough. I just randomly join covenants because I though changing them is easy like DS3. I keep wondering why the enemy hit really hard combine with my **** knowlegde about ADP (I beat the main game with 3 ADP and still didn't know how I fking do it lol.). Then the DLCs hit me, that was when I know about this covenants and ADP. Almost make me quit the game because I keep getting one shot and couldn't dogde anything when fighting Sin.
By Anonymous
theoretically, with a shield + spacing strategy, it is possible to win with only rarely dodging, so a low adp is survivable (and the difference invincibility frames, while noticeable, is not absolute)
plus the despawning effect which you would not have benefitted from as a champion, and the helper phantoms, which again you could not have used...

... it seems there is a reason for the three consecutive warning on this covenant.
(though removing it is quite easy actually : you could have spoken to either the cat or better saulden).
By Anonymous
... Can you not read? The covenant is quite clear about what it does in game.
By Anonymous
"theoretically, with a shield + spacing strategy...." stop trying to sound smart, literally everyone beats the game with a shield and minimal dodging on their first playthrough.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I'm already trying to finish the second time the game on the sl1 with this covenant, because the first time I forgot about her, and then the second time I caught her, and it's really complicated, but I'm almost done
By Anonymous
>be me
>playing dark souls 2 first time
>all the time thinking
>damn this game is waay harder than the first one
>getting two-shotted no matter how much I upgrade health and swap armor by almost anything
>lvl 80, still weak af
>start thinking I've done something wrong
>randomly come across someone mentioning this covenent making the game harder
>joined it the very first thing I did when I entered Majula
>**** me
By Anonymous
i think unlimited respawns so visit the kitty to quit or I submitted awestones for some reason, then FARMING - unlimited respawns
By Anonymous
Same, but I found out around level 26. I thought I was doing something wrong the entire time too.
By Anonymous
I found out after I beat the game, going into dlc territory... **** me too
By Anonymous
saulden is your friend to quit covenant (unlike shalquoir, using him incure no sin. and if invaded you might receive some help)
By sirgoulas
True story. But is way better and fun like this. Started a new character game from start and is so easy when not on that covenant. Before a simple hollow would oneshot me on the gutter when they used the dark knife against me .
By Anonymous
Holy ****, am I glad I came here to check, before joining...
By Anonymous
Yeah but their is a massive benefit to joining this covenant. enemies will respawn, if you aren't apart of this covenant, enemies will only respawn 12-15 times before they die forever, joining this covenant freezes the death counter, allowing you to farm endlessly for souls and item drops. also note that if you extinguish an enemies death counter and then join the covenant, the enemy will still stay dead.
By Anonymous
>also note that if you extinguish an enemies death counter and then join the covenant, the enemy will still stay dead.

This is not true, I farmed the golem near the expulsion chamber bonfire to extinction before joining, and after joining it still spawned
By Anonymous
Alright, I came up with my own method to farm awestones in SOTFS, and it's kinda reliable: go to the shaded ruins bonfire, equip at least the covetous golden serpent ring +1 (+ dragon parma and prisioner's hood in my case, but you might wanna equip the prisioner's tatters or use some coins too, it's up to you). Now, go for the forest warriors in the area (the transparent dudes), there's one just as you come out of the bonfire heading to the ruins, another one to your right (near two curse jars), two on the slope near that hole and when you come back to the bonfire be sure to jump into the roof (where a wooden chest is located) that's the last one.

Feel free to use the aged feather, homeward bones or the homeward miracle to go back to the bonfire, these enemies might be a pain in the *** but make sure to stagger them as mush as possible and watch your back (I'm aware that there's another two around, but they are a bit out of this route)
By Anonymous
I have a faster method: go to dragon shrine, advance to the long stairs with 8 black dragon knights, aggro them, close the door on them and use toxic mist in the narrow corridor. Rinse and repeat.
By Anonymous
I think i know why DS:II has been so difficult now...
I'm small brained af
By Anonymous
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