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By Anonymous
Does thsi affect the painting guardian Phantom?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I have a feeling that it does affect the drop rates of the enemies after you've reached the point where they wouldn't spawn anymore. I've started farming and dropped random pieces until I've killed the enemies around 15 times. Then I have 1 hour and 30mins without drops. Then I've stopped. It doesn't seem like bad RNG.

Can someone confirm this? Correct me if I'm wrong.
By Anonymous
Chads notice no change in difficulty after joining the covenant.
By Anonymous
first ever playthrough i was a noob and joint the covenant while i didnt even know what lockon was

it really helped me become a better player tho
learn from thy mistakes
By sirgoulas
I love this covenant, makes the game really exciting to play. Joined by accident and I was holy ds2 is way harder than ds1. Well makes sense if you do 25% less damage and enemies do 50% more, you practically 1 or 2 shot material vs bosses and stamina management is a thing. Elana on ng+ and this covenant was a nightmare.
Your bastard sword on normal game does literally same damage as your black knight ultra greatsword on that covenant flat (without counter damage included)
By Anonymous
So that's why I was having such a hard time with no man's wharf
By Anonymous
Do enemies that were originally extinct Prior to joining the covenant respawn AFTER LEAVING the covenant?
By Anonymous
Yes, they will come back unless they were already a one-time spawn.
By Anonymous
They come back to the state before you joined, If you cleared an area It Will be clear again after you leave, tested today in Sotfs edition
By Anonymous
people: "damn i can't belive this is why i was dying alot"

litteral convenant stone monmument thing: "this convenant is only for the bravest and strongest"

me: Joins and leaves every convenant just so i have them marked down.

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