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This guy isn't in any of the locations he is listed to be.
I went back to the under the castle and shaded woods location, but he's not there anymore at all.
He is in all three of those locations. Promise.
He probably died
He disappears from each location until you've found all three. Then he'll be at all of them again.
Emperor_Queyonce he isn't at any of the three locations for me either.
hes hidden
Maybe he had to go pee. It's a long process when you are in a wheelchair.
i think this guy is the one you find in black gultch right after killing the first big worm you fall down and there is a door. He is behind that door. To open it kill the 2 big giants and find the key with them.
Yes it is
Dark Diver
You've been down too long in the Dark Chasm sea
Oh what's becoming of me
soul survivor
You' re the one whose clean
Prism stones like eyes of cat in the black and dark
Rainbow in the dark would work better haha
His head is really small compared to his hands.
He doesn’t appear for me at second location?
I'd suggest killing yourself irl, as there's nothing you can do. Sorry
This is actually Gandolf in his emo phase. Read your Tolkien people.
I don't know about Gandolf, but he looks a bit like Gandalf.
What? No he doesn’t.


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I visited him at every single location and when I return he isn't at any of them so Idk what to do now
Cant open the last door on drangleic castle plsa help
You need to kill an enemy right beside the door or the blue light will go to you and not the door
He doesn't drop the dragon chime I killed him and and got the Sunset Staff
I think you killed Felkin, my dude.
You killed a different guy lol.
Wrong chair, man :/