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By Anonymous
Just kept distance and pelted with soul arrow... So underwhelming ;/
By Anonymous
>plays as magic user >complains about the game being boring
By Anonymous
try soul spears next time
By Anonymous
This boss was designed around melee, if you use magic then the best boss for you is darklurker because it can counter with its own magic.
By Anonymous
It was such an easy fight, I just stuck close to her and walked in a circle around her until she attacked, then I just attacked her, it was really fast using a raw great sword +10
By Anonymous
Well she is just a fragment of Manus. So she should be considerably weaker and less deformed than him.
By Anonymous
Disappointing generic skeleton lady. Given how impressive and unique manus was, why does his offspring look like something a bethesda employee would come up with for a dungeon boss?
By Anonymous
look at the other 3 queens and tell me if you've changed your mind, also, Manus was just a generic horned monster with too many eyes by that logic.
By Anonymous
I don't know, but honestly Nashandra doesn't feel like she has relations to Manus besides being tempted or something by the dark. Personally I feel like she was possibly a daughter of Izalith, because you know from a distant land also has a lust for power which is a trait that some of the daughter have, why? BED OF CHAOS... Anyways Elena and Nadalia feel like they're related to Izalith as well. Though Friede could also be one potentially as well, i mean they give off the vibe. Not going to lie if Nashandra and Friede don't like "fire" than who know makes me think they got trauma from the Witch of Izalith experiments.
By Derpila
Fragment of Manus... More like bootleg fragment of Nito but drawn up by another generic fantasy game dev
By Anonymous
Nashandra: I am queen from faraway land I am not a weird skeleton monster created after manus died Vendrick: she hot so must be telling the truth Now the kingdom looks like it does when you see it in Dark Souls 2.
By Anonymous
Vendrick respected his tall queen.
By Anonymous
dose anyone know what amor i should where when i fight her or what shes weak to
By Anonymous
heide armour have defence agains curse. is the only armour doing this i think maybe there are other
By Anonymous
A ton of other armor do, there's even some to be immuned to curse
By Anonymous
Dose anyone know with armor i should where or what shes weak to :)
By Anonymous
hollow skin to make her unable to curse you
By Anonymous
use imported set u get first, and shes weak to bare knuckles
By Anonymous
after the hollow skin became a thing she became something like the "last" boss of the demon souls
By Anonymous
Fun fact: alt+f4 during the credits makes you start the credits over. Also, it seems that SOTFS version plays credits that are twice as long... after a while the credits stop momentarily and it says “ORIGINAL DARK SOULS II”... followed by more credits.
By Anonymous
Worst final boss out of the Soul Series, somehow even easier than Gwyn
By Anonymous
That's the point. She isn't powerful herself. She's a parasite, having taken over the host kingdom in order to quench her thirst for power. Her bodyguards are far more powerful than she is. The battle with her is basically her last desperate attempt to seize the great power she lusts for. DS2 has bosses like the Fume Knight, the Squalid queen, and Sinh. The journey you took made you far more powerful than Nashandra ever would have thought. She would not have survived that journey, which is why she resorted to a last ditch effort in order to claim the throne.
By Anonymous
she isn't the last boss
By Anonymous
She is the last mandatory boss in the game, Aldia is optional.
By Anonymous
So I guess the real King Allant was more challenging? It must suck being a Souls boomer aging so poorly, you go senile.
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By Souless_FOX
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I mean, yeah it makes sense in the lore but it's definitely a disappointing fight the first time through. Sure Gwyn is easier then lots of the other bosses in Ds1 but he's not super easy the first time you fight him. Nashandra basically has three attacks, all of them have bad tracking, you can just walk behind her and kill her no problem.
By Anonymous
If we look at it correctly, the player is the actual final boss of the game. Nashandra walks through the fog gate and challenges the player.
By Anonymous
If you do the game in the intended order (Throne Watcher and Defender, then Guardian Dragon, then ashen mist heart, then giant lord) you walk through the fog and Nashandra is already there. The devs didn't intend the triple boss fight, they just made possible in case somebody found the keep before they found the throne.
By Anonymous
A great observation! Though I wish she was a harder boss realizing this now as she is both a child of Manus or shard that is compelled to end Gwyn falsely prolonged Age of Fire AND she is basically what the "Dark" endings are in the other two would've been awesome to see her be either a very difficult boss OR about the current difficultly but if you maybe die three times or something like that, she would end of the Age of Fire by stopping you from getting to the Throne.

That would've made the game have the triple ending like in DS3 - Keep the Fire going, let the Age of Dark finally commence, or choose an alternative path entirely outside both forces' intent.
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