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I used a caster with 64 int and a +3 magic infused Staff of wisdom. ( The one Straid uses) Summoned Vengarl and Benhart and just spammed Crystal soul spear and soul spears ( make sure you have some amber herb or Crimson water). It took less than 5 minutes.
Literally i didnt know you could break her curse orbs and so i let ben and venny boy beat her up and once the orbs were gone i smashed her with +10 lightning dragonstooth, 54str, one handing dat bad boy, taking good one inch portions off her bar per hit and the other two hit her hard af two, honestly the throne watchers were harder to kill, she was kindof a let down but im like lvl 190 and its my first playthrough, trying to get every stat to 50 before ng+ lol say what you like, i enjoy grinding like a mofo and becoming a beast
Thats still a long time, git gudder
I one-shotted Nashandra with He-Man`s blade +10!
Sure you're a 'beast'
i didnt grind even a little and i am 124, so your 180 with grinding is like... nothing? did you grind for like, 1 hour? wow... also, i didnt kill any optional bosses and didnt kill the giant lord yet, so, yeah, there is dat
i wanna see if i can finish the dlcs before going after the end game
To Mr.Ididn'tgrind, that means you're really bad and died a ton. If you didn't grind you would be around 60 at the end, unless you died a massive amount and had to keep rekilling everting.


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The Black Witch Veil (only obtainable by lighting all the sconces in the Gutter) makes you immune to curse entirely. Casting resplendent life (large gradual restoration of HP) and having high Dark resistance (any/some of ring, magic barrier, etc) will nullify any damage dealt by the wisps, so you can just ignore them entirely. I personally wouldn't bother trying to block the laser. It's pretty easy to avoid.
Attempt *
I beat nashandra just with arrows.... at the first attemt
Is dark useless against her? I'm running a hex strength build
Thank you
its from happy souls
The HOLLOW SKIN head peace also makes you completely immune to curse.
i beat throne watcher/defender but she never showed up, im just sitting in the boss room...? did i miss something?
You have to beat the giant lord
i made thesame mistake you have to beat the giant lord
To aggro nashandra you need to have giants kinship which you get after defeating Giant lod
Used +5 smelters utlragreat sword, both summons, lifegems to counter curse, and basically kited/tank and spank. Abused special attack like no ones business since shes weak to fire.
Fairly easy when you summon 2 npc... I just beat without even using estus by powerstancing two ultragreatswords. I hate when people summon npc. Can't even 1v1.
Who cares about what you hate? lol
Whack her with a ladle that should finish the job.


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I just got two greatsword and powerstanced them and just heavy attacked and stranded the entire fight. Best her in a like 2 minutes.


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Anyone know if killing Nashandra cancels the duel with Vendrick? I go to meet Vendrick, his clothes are on the floor, his life bar appears, but Vendrick does not appear. Also it is not possible to enter your memories ...
Yes, I actually had the same problem except Nashandra won't show up at all in her throne when i killed Vendrick
Through use of a raw heavy crossbow +10 and a few dozen heavy bolts, I managed to take her down on my first try. I used Vengarl as a distraction, kept my distance, rolled to avoid the dark beams, and finished the fight in about 5 minutes. To counter the wisps, I popped 2 old radiant lifegems at a time, a total of 4 times, not even bothering to destroy them or use an effigy.
Hope this help for agile builds!
Using the old radiant lifegems like that is a terrible waste. The orbs are so easy to get rid of especially since you have a crossbow.
Use lifegems instead of the rarer ones since you can buy an unlimited supply of them otherwise it's a waste.
I had 3 ppl to distract her and threw lighinings at her for a while... it was a bit quick
honestly she's my favorite of the bosses. dethrones her husband and takes over the castle. yas bih
Just wish she was harder to fight. She's a bit underwhelming as the final boss.