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But seem kinda rare. I got two before it stopped respawning... :/
Joining the Covenant of Champions, I only got Awestones the entire time...
Isn't he optional ?
Isn't he optional ?
I found a Flexile Sentry enemy in the place that leads to the lost sinner. (SotFS)
Deez Nutz
Path is all the way at the bottom.
is it possible to use bow is you summmon the knight at the dock?
Did yo ring the bell?
how do get to the boss?
If you ring the bell his ship comes in, and you fight him there, but i havent found the path to get there yet personally
He's so easy. All i had to do was stay behind the column and make him attack which got blocked by said column and i just move to score a hit
Is it normal that I encounter this guy instead of the Half dragon hollows in sinners rise?
Yes, that is the SotFS arrangement.
Can I just block to win?
I used a great shield and great sword (cause I'm great) you just hold the shield up and stay really close to him walking around him till he misses then you can hit him twice since the time it takes but you have to raise your shield straight away and if you get hit hide behind the pole and wait for him to exhaust his attack than flask and continue I did this with Max hollow since that is how I beat all my bosses
Played as Cleric; Heavenly Thunder and Lightning Spear killed the thing along with Lucatiel. Hell yeah.
No Man's Wharf encounter was incredibly easy as long as you stand on the mace side because poor dude can't hit to save its life, and if they weren't easy enough to melee, also leave incredibly big windows for miracle spam. The Flexile in the Lost Sinner basement can go die in a fire though; it's on knee high water which makes mobility hard, goes scimitars first for most of the fight, has a ton more health and it's surrounded by kamikazes which limit mobility further. I ended up cheesing it by spamming the hell out of Heavenly Thunder while it was stuck on the doorway.
"Resistance:?" Really? It's fire. Checked in game data.
Well since it is in water it obviously has resistance to fire and weakness to lightning...