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mundane +5 lowest stat 40 makes 360 damage + rign of blade 2 = 410 damage
The enchanted infusion must have been nerfed. With 99 intelligence it is 300 + 37. Raw infusion is 300 + 45. Both infusions allow ring of blades +2 to add 50 damage.
sooooo can you grab the sword from any of the Black Dragon Knights who have the sword on them or only the one at the bottom of the stair? because I see no difference in him or the others, this website really *****s up on alot of specific details that are very important.
Why would you farm the knights at the bottom when only one knight has the weapon?
most of the Knights carry Greataxes, and will drop the black dragon greataxe (less rare than the sword) , theres a couple guys with sword and shield, they drop both.

While farming i found 4 black dragon greataxe, 3 shields, and then finally got the sword.
Does anyone know if it can be buffed with Flame Weapon?
Does the game officially designate this as a straight sword? Because it doesn't look like one.
It does. Of course, that only reflects the move set and not the actual shape of a weapon. Like how the Falchion is a "curved sword".
Is this weapon viable?
Its late game, but very viable.
Anyone got an extra? (no luck so far farming with champion covenant for the scales/sword both) lol got the shield/pick already though.