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me too
Not so hard... After the first one, you can quit and save... The next 4 will spawn once you try to go upstairs, kill the one on the lower steps (move behind him while he's still spawning then attack)... The other ones, don't immediately fight them face to face, instead run back to the elevator (you don't need to ride, just hide there)... And wait, they'll eventually lose you, now kill them one by one... Don't be greedy.
the games meant to be hard m8, its dark souls



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Broken just as the rest of the game. Period.
After the group appears, run back down the elevator. Give them a minute before coming back up and they'll be wandering around the staircase. From there it's easy to pull them one at a time.
Dude just stand outside the room with the idol and kill them all they are pushovers
I actually killed the rest 4 all on the same time with my greatsword. If you have, use your sacred oath and resins!


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They're vulnerable to poison. Watch out for backstabs.