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By Foxinn
God the run-back to this frog bastard is soul-crushing
By Anonymous
Honestly. If you just hug his head the whole time, it turns easier than Covetous Demon.
By Anonymous
Semon of dong
By Anonymous
lol easiest boss in the game if youre playing a hexer.
just shoot him with dark orb until he covers his face, then run up to him to make him uncover his face again, the step back a bit to not get hit, then repeat.
he dies after only a few dark orbs, with dark sunset staff +5.
so easy LOL
By Anonymous
Run in a backwards circle and hit her with Poison arrows until it sticks, then Magic arrows every time she exposes her face, reapply Poison when it wears off. Much easier than going face to face with her imho.
By Anonymous
I ****ing hate this boss
By Anonymous
Love the design of this boss. Not the most fun fight ever (not a bad one either), but truly unsettling in its looks ..
By Anonymous
Shrine of Amana's victory lap
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