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By Anonymous
Shrine of Amana's victory lap
By Anonymous
The real boss fight is just getting to this som of a frog. -.-
By Anonymous
This niggu can one shot you in full havel so either use greatshield or Lvl adp 30+
By Anonymous
semon of dong
By Anonymous
The most interesting bosses conjure up the most interesting comment sections
By Anonymous
Foreskin frog
By Anonymous
The biggest issue I had was my attacks hitting the bottom or top of his "lips" and bouncing off. I ended up using my Bleed Manikin Sabre +9 and it worked perfectly. It's at just the right height so that all your attacks will hit, does a lot of damage and it's fast so you can get in a lot of hits and damage before it closes again. Just watch out for it's grab and arm slams. Even with half Havel, half Vengarl set and 26 VIG, he was able to 2 shot me. So bring a greatshield, stay back until it's safe and you'll shred him.
By Anonymous
“resistant to poison”
killed it just using ricards rapier R2’s with 205 poison, it didn’t get poisoned at all. definitely immune
By Anonymous
Elden ring players complaining about a 20 second walk without a stake of marika while we had to literally traverse hell
By Anonymous
theyre so entitled lol, people are calling the runback to rennala or placidusax "awful" like bruh theres no enemies
By Anonymous
Demon's Souls was even worse
By Anonymous
Miyazaki is catering more to casuals now...all game devs sellout once they make it big. There is no such thing as loyalty in this day and age.
By Anonymous
Yeah they´re kinda dumb, iron fortress left me thinking about suicide, after 8 hours stuck in the way to old iron king...
By Anonymous
Anon there is a bonfire right next to old iron King
By Anonymous
To elaborate from anyone reading this for some reason: In the big cage with the flame-spewing statues there is a ladder on one of the walls which is hard to spot
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