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By Anonymous
I have had it happen 3 times now where the boss will unexpectedly slap 5 times in a row, killing me. :/
By Anonymous
The game hate you like me
By Anonymous
Hey I've been struggling with this boss for a while now and I was wondering if somebody could help me kill it I'm on ps3 and my name is HeavyCalibre,
By Anonymous
@Slap: Sounds like fun :)
By Anonymous
git gud pleb
By Anonymous
Uninstall immediately
By Anonymous
And what brought you here, sir?
By Anonymous
Because at 2100+ hp and +10 medium armor it managed to 3 shot me. Lul.
By Anonymous
I've just killed it with Havel set :) BiS physical def
By Anonymous
I was bored,so i typed pepe in the search. That brought me here
By Anonymous
I was just hoping to find some kind of lore on this creepy boss
By Anonymous
i research all the bosses before the fight. because of this i usually survive long enough to either kill the boss outright, or bone back to a bonfire
By Anonymous
***** this boss and the entire shrina of amana
By Anonymous
I dont have problems with the boss, i have problems on how to beat the damn area before it
By Anonymous
If you haven't got one, I'd recommend picking up a high magic block shield (rebel's greatshield was mine. At the second hut (after ogre), pop an effigy, then summon felicia to carry you past the fog wall. From here you can just run past enemies to the boss.
By Anonymous
just use a bow.
By Anonymous
the jester armour is useful for the fight but has low physical defence so i recommend not getting hit
By Anonymous
I see a lot of comments about bosses where people warn that summoning is detrimental because an NPC isn't great and of course the boss' HP is boosted. For the most part I don't agree - having someone else for the boss to aggro on almost always outweighs the boosted HP. There are two bosses where I do agree that summons of NPCs are bad (not talking about human players). Old Iron King, where whatshername can get knocked into lava and is pretty useless, and here. The summon has a bad weapon for getting the Demon of Song, doesn't understand when it's vulnerable, and gets pretty wrecked by it. She'll do pretty negligible damage just because of the invulnerability mechanic, and for her weapon to work, she has to hang about right in front of the boss, where she gets smashed. Do not summon the NPC for this fight!!!
By Anonymous
People usually say roll or dodge but you really don't need too ...well yes's for a boss like the old iron king you will do well to roll but for the other guys just use a damn shield . People need to use 100% protection shields more often because they stop almost all useless attacks from enemies.
That's how I bet the rotten , with a shield.
And plus's this boss is pretty easy because you can get a good few shots at it with your bow from the very start.
By Anonymous
I took the NPC with me for the boss fight, however I couldn't survive till the fog gate. Later tried it myself and was able to defeat the boss solo in second try.
By Anonymous
this boss is really easy for range attacking. Went in with a +7 Heavy crossbow and +8 alonne greatbow, didnt take forever either
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