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By Ratorv2
Santier's spear durability not reducing when hitting deadbodies on sofs. Can someone else check if this is only on my com or an update
By Anonymous
Just get the Engraved Gauntlets ... +Gauntlets and go to The Thing Betwixt (birds nest with silky smooth) and use the two handed spin attack backwards and forwards. The gauntlets have a chance on hit to critically strike, and when it happens it significantly lowers the durability of your weapon. Dyna and Tillo won't mind and the spear will break in 2 minutes or less.
By Anonymous
Onehanding the victor's stone in Majula breaks it really quickly as well
By Anonymous
the dead bodies thing is a bug thats only in the normal version of the game. SoFS fixed the bug.
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By Willhelm
I have an irational dislike for black gulch's statues, so I used those. Have 5-6 homeward bones and just use the bonefire behind the statue. dont rest at the fire, just use the HW bone and it will reset the statues. carefull of poison.
By Anonymous
dammit if only I knew it's possible to break it by hitting birds I wouldn't spend hours fighting with hollow soldiers healed by warmth
By Anonymous
what is 2+2?
By Anonymous
SotFS: hitting random walls didn't work, but the Heroes stone did. Just don't hit the trees either side, because that does nothing. Also tried standing in the Shaded Woods acid pools, but I guess they only dissolve rings/armour.
By Anonymous
Disregard previous comment. My browser garbled the table up.
By Anonymous
This spear is cool i use it to beat skeleton's lord
By Anonymous
Do I need to reinforce the spear before or after I break it. Is there any difference on the outcome?
By Anonymous
got nerfed, it's really ***** right now
By Anonymous
The weapon is said to have no scaling in game, yet the stat page here shows it with scaling. So what's the deal? Does it gain scaling when it breaks or something?
By Anonymous
Can somebody add the link to zombieheadz's guide to this weapon?
By Anonymous
Two hand r2 on the birds in things betwixt itll be broken in a minute.
By Anonymous
How to do I get the spear to do an extra 300 damage with mundane
By Fester710
In the Xbone SotFS version, I tried most of the methods mentioned here, and some did nothing or minimal towards breaking the head off. I did not try the bird nest method, so I cannot speak to that, but the attacking of the stone in Majula where you enter the Champions Covenants worked very well. I am looking for coop or people to give away or trade items with. I am at max tier soul level, so you will need to be around 9 to 12 million for us to hook up. Gamertag Fester710. Cheers!
By Anonymous
bird method does work (on pc sotfs version)
By Anonymous
How the fukc did you stand there and hit that stone 500 times? The birds nest can drain 10 durability per hit if you strong attack.
By Anonymous
Anyone still playing this game?
I'm looking for people on Xbox One:
G/T thmadhatter83
By Anonymous
Late however I do GT:TheClash4555
By Anonymous
EVEN more late GT:RockGhost581
By DreyEA
A good place is the bonfite room after ruin sentinels, as you walk in just after the exploding hollow there is a pile of bags, if you r2 them you loose 1 to 2 dura each hit.
By Anonymous
i did try the bird nest at things betwixted and within minutes the spear was broken
By Anonymous
In SotFS if you hit a bonfire that Aldia has popped out of you can lower durability quick. Direct head hits with the overhead chop reduce 10 durability per hit.
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