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By Anonymous
Most broken weapon in the game!
By Anonymous
Why is this weapon so loved?
By Anonymous
Cool concept. A spear that becomes a twinblade / halberd hybrid is really unique. It's also great for getting the ring that requires you to beat the game without sitting at a bonfire (Illusory Ring of the Exalted) because it has infinite durability and isn't dependent on leveling for its damage.
By Anonymous
Is it good for PvE?
By Anonymous
Does the weight change after breaking it?
By Anonymous
I'm playing rn, and it does, it goes from 16.0 to 12.0
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Funnily enough, while Raw will get you 385 right off the bat with a +5 Santier's Spear, as long as you have int around the 90s, you can actually beat the raw infusion with the enchanted infusion. I have 95 int (2 points of which comes from the black hood) and I get 422 damage out of the spear (350+72) and if I use the raw, I get 420 (385+35). By no means should anyone have int this high, but just known that I am level 217 with only 6 vigor, that's how much of a mage I am.
By Anonymous
local Fextralife commenter recognized by Guinness as The Most Mage Ever
By Anonymous
Fail to break it with acid but having 4 basiliks corpse stack nicely on top of each other.

By Anonymous
can anyone tell me why there is 2 pages for this's+Spear and
the its all the same but the comments are different
By Anonymous
One has an apostrophe, it's likely a mistake with one person not knowing the other existed.
By Anonymous
Infusions on 'broken' Santier's Spear

STR 60, DEX 25, INT 67, FTH 67

Magic = 381, Fire = 383, Lightning = 381, Dark = 385, Poison = 210, Bleed = 210, Raw = 385, Enchanted = 381, Mundane = 234.
By Anonymous
can you not just use acid pools (like in aldia's keep) to break it?
By Anonymous
No Acid does not affect weapons.
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