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i was invaded by forlorn near the hidden bonefire, just walking down some stairs with 2 knights..


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I was invaded by Poison. I used a grass to clear my poison by the 3 chests where you get puzzling sword and it invaded. Was invis, backstabbed me by a chest and applied curse and toxic
Yes, but they're extremely resistant to such buffs and have huge health bars.
Yes, but they're extremely resistant to such buffs and have huge health bars.
I just recently got SOTFS, and I found that you can kill the Knights while they're still in ghost form by using magic or enchanted weapons.
"...The raised floor tile triggers a crossbow trap which can be used to kill the Sanctum Soldiers. Two more soldiers are on the floor and rise when you approach. At the end there is a chest (trap chest) with a Bonfire Ascetic."

It should be noted that this chest now contains Dried Roots in the latest SoTFS version, rendering the infinite Twinkling titanite and Petrified Dragon Bone method finite.
dont forget to bring some arrow or any ranged method since you need it for hitting pressure plate. also do speedrun strats and skip all the ghost until you get to the "Eternal Sanctum Key" room
i found a way to kill the knights, not easy as they are in human form but they receive damage from imbued weapons.
Using a fire longsword did damage to them along with black orb and I might have used soul arrow as well but don't quote me on the soul arrow. I also think it did more damage whern I used "dark weapon" on my fire longsword but I didn't try any non-infused weapons
All sources of magic damage work - sorcerers can kill them without too much difficulty. Elements seem to work too, meaning any form of casting and imbued weapons should do the trick - they're only fully immune to physical.
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Ok new ghost strategy. They don't climb ladders. Clear the bug room. Get the ghosts to chase you one at time and take them all the way to the bug room. You make it out of there going up the stairs and climbing the ladder and the ghosts stay behind. The AI is not that smart with them on the stairs. You should be able to navigate easily with at least three of them in there. It gets more challenging after that.
lmao they CAN die
ghost strategy: hit em till theyre dead, you take less damage while they are ghosts, red twinblade infused with lightning did the trick for me really fast, try to not get overwhelmed as always
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