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By Anonymous
This guide is outdated. I'm just playing DS2 SotfS for the first time, NG no Bonfire Ascetic. When I killed the first Lord, shortly after not four, but many more - I say 10 or 12 - skeletons spawned, nearly got me killed as I was standing right in the middle of them and barely escaped. After cleaning up and killing the second lord, 6-8 big skeletons spawned. Couldn't get the exact numbers as I was busy surviving. After the third Lord only two Bone Wheels shown up. That was a pleasant surprise, as I was expecting hell at this point.
Still a manageable boss fight, got them in first try, but it was a close call as I was expecting way less enemies.
By Anonymous
Welcome to the bone zone!
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By Conde_Nado
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what they don't have is a good fight and difficulty, they have a great input and amazing music
By Anonymous
4? It summons way more than 4 minions when you beat one, wtf is this guide talking about?!
By Anonymous
hey uh i know i sound like im bad at the game but i kinda need help with this boss because im doing a sorcery only and im over whelmed by the amount of enemies so if someone could put their summon sign outside the boss that would be great thanks. my character is called sorcerer noob
By Anonymous
Make sure to take Carhillion with you if you cannot find a player with a summon sign outside the zone. Use Dark Weapon/Magic weapon on your offhand dagger (you are using one, RIGHT?) before entering the zone just in case skellies attack you, but for the most part Carhillion will draw enemy attacks from you, letting you back off and spam soul arrows and dark orbs at will. You will probably have to stick a few skellies with your swagger, but it is very fast and surprisingly effective when buffed. I found I was casting one orb/arrow at skelly approaching me then finishing off with 1 or 2 pokes with the dagger. You should be able to rock this, noob.
By Anonymous
IS there a summon because i dont know if its SOTFS OR SOFS?