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By Anonymous
Easiest boss ever killed him on my first try with half estus and no summon . Only used demons great hammer +5 and no armor
By Anonymous
Demon Hammer build is very good though and he's weak against strike. With that thing and 50 streagth you'll kill most bosses in 5-10 hits.
By Anonymous
With good Agility and a morning star I also had no trouble killing him first try. And I don't say this to brag, I'm really not even that good. He just wasn't very hard to roll around and only attacks he ever did were melee.
By Anonymous
Immune to poison. Poison infused stinger, and moon butterfly set had no affect on Aegis. The Agdayne summon is a glass cannon. If you keep the aggro, Agdayne can deal respectable damage. But do not let Aegis aggro Agdayne or he will be dead in the first minute. Unless you have a higher damage output than Aegis of course.

If in SOTFS bringing SCarlett summon AFTER you have already cleared the crypt, along with AGdayne, is HIGHLY reccommended. I run Havel full set, therefore I am a super turtle, but I cant seem to keep his aggro on me for Agdayne to deal damage.
By Anonymous
Actually he can be poisoned. I’ve done it before, but you need some patience
By Anonymous
he can be poisoned with the daggers you loot right of the fog gate
By Anonymous
know it's a bit late, but redeye ring would do that perfectly.
By Anonymous
This boss has the hardest moveset to dodge....getting to him isn't a cakewalk either
By Anonymous
On the other hand, his first phase is literally just a ruin sentinel
By Anonymous
I found it quite easy actually, but maybe it's because I have 111 agility and used a rapier, he died in under 3 minutes, hit me 0 times, just stay behind him and he's done for
By Anonymous
By far the easiest boss I’ve faced

First try

+8 estoc (that I JUST decided to give a try. Normally I use smelt ham/craft ham/ rapier)

No help

No weapon buff

Guess I kinda had him figured from the hex throwing chick fight

If you can do both of them...
By Anonymous
hell yah boi, PEACE BRAH!
By Anonymous
Then you woke up...
By Anonymous
“Guards a defenseless being...” Umm... *cough* 11K *cough* HP
By Anonymous
Not to mention that the X32 defense is his normal state and the giant souls are a new force weakening him.
By Anonymous
why is there no clickable link to his soul on this page?
By Anonymous
Magic great club +10 w/ring of blades and 32 strength, along with 2 handing, I dealt just under 800 damage a hit.
By Anonymous
Machado de bandido +8 com resina eletrica. Fui com a armadura de alva numa run sem morrer e sem fogueira e sobrevivi
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why did people downvote this lol
By Anonymous
Didn't get his soul when I beat him. Is this a glitch?
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By Anonymous
Remember to take your time. He can be quite the hard hitter so don’t get greedy. Do a couple hits, wait and then repeat!