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Is he maybe a coward since his set is invisible?
The armour is invisible to cowards,meaning you are the coward, not him.
the armour is invisavle to cowards, meaning your mom is the coward, not him
The armour is invisible to cowards,meaning you are the coward, not him.
now he respawns every time not only 12. You can get Vanquisher's Seal with bonfire intensity 2.
Oops, didn't mean to post that twice.
It seems YOU are the coward, since YOU can not see the set ;-)
No, you are the coward since you cannot see his armor.
All I received from him was a human effigy.


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You have to be in the company of champions to get awestones.
he has the invisible set and the 2 rings that make both weapon hands invisible
So I just learnt about this guy. So I went back but he isn't spawning... I logged off and tried again still nothing... he hasn't spawned for his first time yet so I don't wanna waste a bon fire ascetic before I kill him once
You have to be in ng+(bonfire intensity 2) on the first bonfire, not the one before the boss, and not be in the rat king civenent or online to have him respawn
Bastard started throwing knives first thing every time lol.. 41 kills in he learns how to stop me
He has shotels and an offhand Crossbow. Doesn't seem to be affected by the corrosive pool trap. He will try and keep his distance from you when you are targeted on him, however, if you shift your focus to an enemy, he may close the distance and try to hit you with Melee. From what I have seen, farming him for awstones, he doesn't have a normal drop table. Every few deaths for the first while of fighting him he would drop a piece of his set, but would never duplicate. It is possible that the drops are meant to be spread out over his normal 12 respawn cycle in order to get the full set, rather than random chance.