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The Rock Is BACK!!!!!!
Sorry but you are wrong, he wasn't on demon's souls
I could swear havel was an npc in demon souls. I'm pretty sure he carried the Dragon tooth too. Same armor and shield. Though it was dull like stone not metallic.
you must be confused with the Maiden Astrea Fight. You fight Garl Vinland, which wields a rather large hammer
Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?
Yes! The best armor for a TANK! : )
Havels counterpart/original in Demons Souls was Biorr of the Twin Fangs for me. If you look at his armor you can see similarites to Havels set. Just made from metal instead of thick stone with more details. Instead of a great hammer Biorr is equipped with a greatsword and a crossbow. And he has a ring increasing the equipment load. Like Havel has. Benhard of Jugo reminds me a bit of Biorr btw.
Family kidnaped by havens ; (



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Kept you waiting, huh?
Can't stop the rock.
Can ya smell. What the rock, is cooking?
Smells like people getting the tar beat outta them.
Mmm, I can smell it. Smells like... you stew, tonight.
Can't Stop The Rock!
The minimum lvl requirement to wear the full set with a decent sword and shield is 22.
OP: sorry I meant lvl 26
Welp I'm level 157 so it should work
the shield requires 45 str the armor requires 20 str i'm looking at it right now
He didn't mean Havel's shield.
"I need a big *** rock, and I'll drop a cinder block on your face"
can't stop the rock
I added all of this up in weight. It comes out to a solid 50 Kilograms which is 110 ish Pounds of raw ROCC.