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By Anonymous
Information needs to be confirmed, curse resistance of this headgear piece is 1000 (SotFS, ver 1.02 cal 2.02)
By Anonymous
Does lighting the torch really work???
By Anonymous
The veil has 1000 curse resistance which grants complete immunity to curse effects. However, the player will still hollow normally upon dying.
By Anonymous
immunity to curses --- not to hollowing! -- that changes things. I get tired of having to learn things the hard way or exit the game to look something up on my browser. Nsturally, I thought hollowing WAS the curse they were talkinghg about & lost 17000+ souls learning it doesn't work -- however, damn good game
By Anonymous
17k souls is nothing LUL
By Anonymous
Wait.... Is this a easy to understand story with a happy ending? Is it even a romance? In DARK SOULS??? Just inconceivable
By Anonymous
DS3 Ringed City confirms Zullie got friendzoned
By Anonymous
Not really friendzoned...more like she died. Guess Alva never found the cure to the spurned.
By Anonymous
I'll never forgive Dark Souls III for ruining Alva's & Zullie's happy ending. At least they had the decency of letting players speculate about Karla being their daughter, which could mean that they loved so dearly to the point of even wanting to start a family.
By Anonymous
The Black Witch Domino Mask reduces max HP by 10% for a ~3% spell damage increase.
By Anonymous
do you have to be in NG+ for the phantoms in belfry soul to appear?
By Anonymous
No, if you mean the Mad Warrior, it's just rare and random.
By Anonymous
Saint Serrate? It's saint serreta
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By EvilUnicornLord
She seduced Alva? I'm pretty sure it was the other way around. I mean, have you even seen that boi's fashion souls?
By Anonymous
Despite what this site says, all of the robe's stats are better than the Hexer's robe.
By Anonymous
The gloves also alter the nail appearance of males