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By Anonymous
I'm in NG+, lit all the sconces in Gutter, beat Gutter Denizen by knocking her off one of the high platforms. I go down the ladder to pick up the item - and get killed in two hits by the Hollows on the ground with their super-effective Dark Swords. Couldn't pick up the set. No way to get it now?
By Anonymous
Don't think so. Loot on this npc is so problematic, I just killed em on the platform and it fell through the floor and is now sitting there under a platform base with no way to get to it. I mean it's easily within reach if I could climb over a fugging log, but noooo.
By Anonymous
it can be bought from Navlan, you will have to wait until much later in the game and do things a certain way
By JMcMillen
Drops like that usually don't despawn. And if they land 'out of bounds', reloading the area will relocate it to a reachable place. I've had one land under a platform. One quick bonfire later and it magically moved outside the platforms base where I could easily reach it.
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Wish the pants were like DS3's.
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By Moosh
Be wary of back therefore thrust but hole.
By Anonymous
based zullie
By Anonymous
Looks like Zullie founded the Choir.
By Anonymous
Willie and Alva's story sounds so sweet, even with what little we have of it.
By Anonymous
*Zullie... I hate autocorrect.
By Anonymous
I dunno , Alva and his Willie sounds kinda sweet
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Love the heels.
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Kind of interesting, the robe appears to give the female character a much more pleasing shape.
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Why the downvotes? Can confirm this is true.
By Anonymous
The hat is listed at the incorrect weight. The Black Witch Veil and Domino Mask are 0.5 weight each. The Black Witch Hat is 1.5 weight. The chart currently says 0.5 weight for the hat.
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By WayfarerAlva
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Please stop simping for my wife for I'll invade you the next time you set foot on Drangleic or Lothric.
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She's hot though.
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