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Can every enemy or boss be poisoned? and what does bleed do to enemies?
Can a weapon have lighting and poison damge
from what ive seen, poison can be used on most enemies. Most immune enemies are those found in the Earthen Peak area and enemies in other areas should be susceptible to being poisoned depending on their poison resistance. Bleed on the other hand does a massive burst of damage when enough hits are caused with a bleed weapon or throwable item
No just one
As i see most enemies can get poisoned only a very small amount of enemies can be resistant to it or not even getting harmed (dont know exactly those who dont) hope this helps :)
Note: for some bosses can be strongly useful.
king vendrick can not be poisoned but most enemies and bosses can. poision arrows are needed to get to the old iron king very easily.



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This mentions nothing about how to cure Toxic. Do you use poison moss to cure it? Or Monastery Charms, Dragon Charms etc?
Yes. Toxic is really just a deadlier form of poison and is cured/prevented the same way.
Blooming moss clumps to be certain, it was the only cure in ds1/ caressing prayer.
The status effects in this game are actually quite brutal compared to the other games. I actually like the cutthroat stance DS2 has on this - it can pressure you into making a fatal mistake during combat. A piece of criticism, though: the curse mechanics in DS2 don't seem to reach a full potential. The curse manifests in 2 is an understandable feature; unlike 1 & 3, curse and petrification in 2 are distinguished features with their own effects. Nevertheless, they integrate into the system very similarly. That said, I think petrification should punish you in a different way than simply insta-death (it would kill you, of course, but instead of hollowing maybe give a different penalty, instead; something like a penalty to encumbrance, stats, application of your stats for scaling modifiers, and/or spellcasting until reversed) and hollowing, since dying makes you hollow, anyway, which kind of defeats the point of separating curse/petrification as two different statuses. What does anyone else think?



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This is my comment, by the way; I've since made an account due to my interest of conversing extensively about DS2 and the other Souls games. I just want to publicly announce my authorship of it.
Your idea with petrification is very interesting. I think the status effect in Daughter's of ash "Bone rust" would be a perfect way to make Petrification its own, unique status effect.
What dictates how much poison buildup is put on enemies when attacking?
Dex and adp.......for some reason
might be a dumb question but im guessing that the 200dmg that the bleed causes happens right when it reaches its max buildup, correct?
The Toxin and Poison status effects must be a standard thing in this game, because my brother's mouth SPEWS it when he's playing a brutal match of PvP.
What I was looking for was can bleed attack rating on a weapon be boosted in any sort of way through stat alignment.
Yeah dex I think



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It can't, except for the shadow gauntlets and hollowing if you are using a forlorn weapon.
Not sure why people are saying you can’t have two status effects at once when you obviously can, Jesus. Find a weapon naturally imbued with a status effect (e.g. Black Knight Halberd, Dragonslayer Axe) and infuse it with a different damage type; it keeps both.
elemental damage and status effects are not the same.


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Other commenter is 100% correct, plus your damage gets split between defenses.
The bull*****bosses in this game become trivial once you start using poison weapons. Such an easy exploit.