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Although it has natural dark damage, this weapon cannot cast hexes for some reason.
Helicopter man
Helicopter man
I never tried it but i guess it also does dark melee damage
Helicopter man
is this any good for pve
On light enemies it works pretty well when you buff it. I haven't tried but using the stone ring should help against some heavier ones. I wouldn't use it against anything that can't stagger.
It's a good secondary weapon, especially if paired with a weapon that can use the unique powerstance move (I use it with Ricard's Rapier), since you can use the primary to set up a foe, then spin to tack on a good chunk of hurting
sadly weak, even more weak than the spontoon for hexing/sorcery and even the insolent mace for dark, or even lightning for that matter :/
blue flame still best hybrid tool


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Rest in pepperonis helicopter man.
Really sad weapon honestly. It had so much potential to be *****ing fantastic for pve and pvp, also top tier fashion souls. However it just has overall poor damage and for some reason can't cast hexes? Despite half the damage being dark? It really could've been the best weapon for mages. thx fromsoft :(
I agree. It looks sick as fack, but it's poor Dmg combined with the before mentioned lack of casting hexes makes this weapon mediocre if not even worthlessly bad.
It's like the dragonrider twinblade, but sad to look at