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Toxic mist will clear out both the clerics and the magus as well as most of the congregation. Cast as soon as you enter. Note: low cast speed will allow the clerics to hit you with lightning. 60-ish didn't work, but 80+ did, giving me time to roll away from their attacks. Done on NG, in covenant of champions.
Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait, what would be the best spell or for an example firer stuff that you put on your weapon to use for this boss?
you guys should use halberd 2 hand strong attack
Greatsword +10 makes very, very easy work with a few one-handed 'light' attacks.
This boss has to be one of the most easiest boss in the game and I bet the Old Dragonslayer was harder than this crapy boss
yep, Old Dragonslayer is basically Dragonslayer Ornstein without his sunbro, Executioner Smough, and this boss is pathetic, up your game, FromSoftware.



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Old Dragonslayer is much harder than this boss, especially at the point you fight him. he can be an absolute *** at low levels. Confgreagation is By FAAAR the easiest boss, and some of them were already really easy the reward itself tells you. Old Dragons Slayer: 20k Souls + a ring + a boss Soul Congregation: 7k Souls and a titanite Slab(these are not rare inDS2!)
Easiest boss in the game my ***. The lightning can oneshot you, and the magus himself will use his force spell if you get too close to him. Spent highest amount of time on this boss.
Are you... okay? Half of the normal game gank rooms are harder than Congregation.
Git gud
Are ou playing Sotfs ? I remember this boss being really easy when I first played the game few years ago. I've started playing Sotfs now, and this boss one shot me...twice. They might have buffed him up
Are you rolling into water vases? Avoid that if possible. Boss only difficult if your bad at crowd management.
this boss is so terrible, that you don't even get a soul for killing him lol
weakest boss in the *****ing game my ***, pieces of***** two shot me with their attack.
Track down a lingering flame and your all set, launch them at the clerics and hug them and it will clear them in two blasts each at most.
git gud
Git gud
this area was kicking my *** too, but then i got a great demon hammer drop from the nest and it was over in under a minute. i just ran in and bashed my way around not even bothering to target anyone in particular and it worked bc they were so clumped together.
I just ran in with a Greatsword+10 and one shot the whole room, didn't even take any damage I don't think. Easy AF.
I used a magic zweihander +6 And summond benhart of jugo and kicked some *** though I was at level like 112
FromSoft plz nerf
lesser foe ahead