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By Anonymous
can you get the benefits of this item (the passive ones) by equipping it in one of your offhand slots? can you also get them by two-handing a weapon and having this in your left/right hand?
By Anonymous
No the Ladle only applie the bonuses when you have it on hand.
By Anonymous
Having this sheathed (must be visible on character) while two-handing another weapon allows you to gain the passive attribute bonuses (+1 VIT, +1 END, +2 ADP) and penalty (-1 DEX). Confirmed on my end.
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By thegourd
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I think it works only when on hand
By Anonymous
I literally just tested this, if it is in say, the 3rd left slot, and you are using an item in the 1st or 2nd left slot, the bonus is not gained, but if you two-hand while the 3rd left slot is selected, the bonus is gained.
By Anonymous
Ymfah, nail'd it.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
It's pretty OP if you put poison on it. Like 200-300+ Poison damage fully upgraded depending on your stats.
By Anonymous
Mundane Handmaid's ladle + mundane build = SUPREME MUNDANE CHEF
By Anonymous
Sitting through the credits, Hardest part of the game...