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By Anonymous
I have to use my GUTS to kill this guy - BerserkDude
By Anonymous
I have this +10 normal, with +10 shadow helm, rest is +5 forlorn set. Berserker version of Guts, chopping anything on my path.
By Anonymous
this game is trash lol
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Lol, you just suck. Go play sonic the hedgehog kiddo
By Anonymous
Lmao I bet u couldn’t even beat the Pursuer mate I bet he gave u a proper spanking
By Anonymous
i bet you couldn't get past majula
By Anonymous
Downvoted for truth lol
By Anonymous
It's not bad. Just try sucking a bit less.
By Anonymous
Dark souls fans really living up to the stereotype in this reply section
By Anonymous
> Stupid comment (calling a game trash on the wiki for the same game?)
> Stupid replies (real "you stupid sussy af susu sus maldign ratio quit crying" energy)
Peak dark souls thread
By Anonymous
Truly this is the dark souls of comment sections
By Anonymous
"It was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron”
By Anonymous
Inserts Guts theme
By Anonymous
I want to put this sideways in Forlon's *******
By JemJem
My love for you is like a truck
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
put your grasses on
By Anonymous
Nothing will be wong
By Anonymous
there's no blame, there's no fame
By Anonymous
it's up to you
By Anonymous
the first words should be finded
Whatever holds you back
By Anonymous
it's a pretty great sword if you ask me
By Anonymous
Oh it is a sword alright
By Anonymous
The only thing I have trouble with while using this thing is havels dad aka the npc in front of executioners chariot.
By Anonymous
Use the jump attack, then u should be fine
By Anonymous
He isn't Havel, he wears drangleic helm and Llwellyn set
By Anonymous
@second anon r/woosh
By Anonymous
@third anon it's r/wooosh lol
By Anonymous
Wait nvm it's r/woooosh
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