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By Anonymous
Only 28 strenght to use it? This thing is huge!
By Anonymous
Ngl, If I could make love with a weapon, it'd be this beautiful beast, hands down, carried my big fat *** throughout almost the entire game including the DLCs up until I got the Fume Ultra Greatsword.
By Anonymous
Griffith did nothing wrong
By Anonymous
**** is not good, sir.
By Anonymous
This thing continued the trend of one of the best Ultra Greatswords being the very first one that you're going to get in most playthroughs, this beauty is a fantastic weapon all round, very long reach, a versatile moveset with an answer to most situations like the vertical 2-handed r1s that have long range and can hit enemies behind you, wide sweeping r1s when 1-handed that plow through groups of enemies, 2-handed golf swing heavy attack that does high damage and sends enemies flying and its follow-up is just as strong while being way faster, and its 2-handed rolling attack is very effective against enemies vulnerable to thrust damage and helps you take them out a lot quicker and it combos into the standard 2-handed r1 which comes out way faster than normal if you follow up the 2-handed rolling attack with it, and not to mention it has very high base damage, and excellent strength scaling meaning it will start doing some absolutely disgusting damage when it starts getting upgraded,

Overall this weapon might be a good candidate for best Ultra Greatsword in the game, however I'd say it gets beaten out by the Fume Ultra Greatsword, which has a better moveset, better overall damage, and it has strong block stats to help compensate for its weight, and that 2-handed L2 is extremely useful and powerful if used well, and it is roughly the same length, the only thing outright worse about it is that it's significantly heavier, and it has lower counter damage meaning that it does moderately less damage in some circumstances, and it can't be buffed,

But regardless, this weapon is absolutely fantastic and can easily take you through the whole game, one of the best Ultra Greatswords despite the fact that it's the first one you get most of the time. (Unless you're lucky enough to have a greatsword wielding old knight drop the Old Knight Ultra Greatsword for you, which is generally rare if you don't outright go out of your way to farm it and farming it can be time-consuming, and not to mention the Old Knight Ultra Greatsword is vastly inferior to this weapon, particularly on a strength build)
By Anonymous
I like to hold a shortsword or estoc in my offhand for quick pokes or hallways. Otherwise, swing this baby all day.
By Anonymous
Good candidate for the best PvE weapon. Not that great in PvP though.
By Anonymous
Remember one dude was dual wielding (meanwhile I had just one and a greatshield). I'm surprised that I could tank his hits but the moment I tried to get an attack in I was stunlocked and died in a few hits.
By Anonymous
Man, this thing got such a huge Glow-up compared to the first game.
By Anonymous
This thing is a lot like the Dark Souls 1 Zweihander in a way, in that despite being usually the first Ultra Greatsword you get in the game (unless you farm Old Knights or you're lucky enough to have them drop their Greatsword randomly, but the Old Knight Ultra Greatsword is vastly inferior to this weapon) it's also one of the best ones in the game, particularly for a strength build, it has a fantastic and very versatile moveset, having long-ranged vertical swings for it's 2-handed r1s that are great against single targets and the backswing can hit enemies behind you, it has a poke roll attack that is kind of hard to land until you get used to aiming it but it is very effective against enemies that are weak to thrust damage and has long reach and although it is a little delayed, it can be useful for rollcatching players who dodge too early, and it has a slow but powerful golf swing heavy attack for it's 2-hand heavy attacks and running attack that can send enemies flying and although the first heavy attack is very slow the follow-up swing is MUCH faster and does just as much damage while still sending a lot of enemies flying when it hits them, it has massive sweeping horizontal swings and rolling attacks when 1-handed that absolutely tears through crowds of enemies and a vertical swing for the 1-hand heavy attack which is good if you need reach (the follow-up is kinda finicky to land though and misses a lot in my experience), it is very long meaning it has excellent reach, it has high base damage as well as high strength scaling meaning it has excellent damage even at base stats and only gets even more powerful as you upgrade it, granted it's arguably not as crazy good as the Dark Souls 1 Zweihander since this sword is also really heavy unlike the Ds1 Zwei which was very light for a weapon of its power and it was very easy to get right off the bat once you're out of the Undead Asylum, while also having a heavy attack that was surprisingly fast and spammable for how powerful it is and did such ridiculous poise damage it could stunlock almost everything in the game, although it did get outscaled by other Ultra Greatswords in terms of raw damage and scaling, it was way WAY lighter and had a vastly superior moveset for the most part, as well as still being one of the deadliest weapons in the game in terms of raw damage as well as being able to stunlock almost everything in the game, But anyways, this weapon definitely is one of the best Ultra Greatswords in Dark Souls 2 despite being usually the first one you get and having relatively average requirements for a weapon of its power, the only majorly bad thing about it is that it's very heavy and like other "Ultra Weapons" in Dark Souls 2 it's a rather unwieldy until you get used to aiming it manually.
By Anonymous
Can it "pancake" people?
By Anonymous
It can send people flying with it's 2-handed running/backstep attack and heavy attacks
By Anonymous
There's few things more satisfying than killing an enemy when they try to roll behind you, but get rollcaught by the backswing of the Two-handed R1s
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