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A few of these are actually non-optional, such as the Skeleton Lords, which are required to reach Iron Keep, which is where you get the fragmented branch of yore to unpetrify the woman in the way of the lever you have to pull to reach shaded woods...
You can get other fragrant branches of yore, so if that's the only reason you have for the skeleton lords being mandatory, you're wrong.
You can buy one from merchant hag melentia for 12K souls
You can buy one from merchant hag melentia for 12K souls
You can choose one as starting gift
The flexile sentry is NOT optional. If you reach the lost bastille via the raven you still have to face them to continue.
Flexile Sentry is optional because if you grab the Bastille key (I think that's the right name) you can make your way to sinner's rise without ever fighting them.
I know heading to the sinner flexile does appear but I'm pretty sure you can run past him. Don't think he's considered a boss battle in that moment though
Missed aldia scholar of the first sin...
This is clearly about the 360 version