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By ElCazador
When you die in this area, the area becomes significantly darker than before. Dying again won't make it any darker. Fast travelling to another location then fast travelling back seems to fix it. I believe it's a challenge factor (death penalty) that forces you to use a torch... (Both Original and Scholar of the First Sin versions)
By Anonymous
the hall before Velstadt, behind the pillars, there are some invisible dudes, you can see their shadows with the torch, kill them for smooth and silkies
By Anonymous
If you aggro Agdayne accidentally with light, you can go to Cromwell and absolve your sin (for me it was 0 souls; I'd brought the torch bearer by mistake and killed wardens but never killed Agdayne.) Now when I go back to him it's like it never happened.
By Anonymous
I have ver. 1.05, and cal. 1.10... after you have lit the undead ditch bonfire, and lowered the bridge, Proceed past the the bridge and down the steps toward the Velstadt area. do NOT kill the the bell ringer under the stairs. If you use lighting spear, (use northern ritual band +2, and southern ritual band if you have them) approach the pillars on the left hand side until the first spectre spawns, lock on him and move left till you are up against the pillar. Move to the end of the pillar and unleash your lightning spear, you need to do 350 damage at least. after your first cast, cast again. You'll hit the second spectre further down. Repeat this, hopping back as needed. With the covetous silver serpent ring you will gleen 825 each. each respawns every ten seconds... add that up, and you can make a million souls watching a movie on netflix.... Nuff said... They will never even aggro...
By Anonymous
Netflix sucks
By Anonymous
Theres no chests in the room before the boss in xbox 360 version
By Anonymous
Those are in the Scholar Of The First Sin version.
By Anonymous
what about the giant creature in N+ when the bonfire is moved who is he?
By Anonymous
Missing items!
After the two dual wielding guy, dont jump immediately! Theres 2 smooth and silky, hit the statues and u get them.
(dont remember which two, try all)
By Anonymous
in sotfs
By Anonymous
no chests before the fog gate, and in addition to the spectres, i had to fight 6 of those syam royal knights (not 2) there but no "dragonrider" ?
By Anonymous
Scholars vs Vanilla, you were playing vanilla its SotFS that has the chests and different enemies.
By Anonymous
Are they supposed to drop the greatshields every time? They isn't drop them for me.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I have also found two npc summons in this area. Near the first bonfire in the room with the two witches. Second npc is in the area before boss room next to one of the pillars near the fog wall
By Anonymous
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