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By MatinArtorias
I was low estus and scared because of the fog gate so I panicked and used every consumable buff before the fight. Entered the fight,saw a doggo rider and accidentally nuked him. then the second doggo Rider showed up and I also accidentally nuked them.
I feel really bad for them, no one asked me to send nukes but I did
By Anonymous
Why is the info for this boss duo so poorly organized? There's a "Twin Dragonriders" page that's completely empty, then there's this page about the dame duo but with "Second Encounter" in the title despite describing the first encounter with this specific duo. The Drangleic Castle wiki page links to this page but searching for "Twin Dragonriders" leads players to the empty page with no info.
Just delete the other "Twin Dragonriders" page, and get rid of the "Second Encounter" in the title of this page that clearly refers to the duo, not the singular boss, that way when people search out the first boss of Drangleic Castle they don't have to deal with all the confusion, thinking there's no info on the boss.
By Anonymous
You can do it yourself, though...
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By Jarka
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The editor for the Drangelic Castle page is broken, so all I could do was put a redirect to this page on the empty boss page.

That being said, you could try words like "Please" and "thank you" rather than acting like an entitled brat.

Or better yet, just do the changes yourself. It would have taken less time for you to change all that like a big boy than posting that message. This is called a wiki for a reason.
By Anonymous
Do we get 2 Dragonrider Souls ?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Not the worst duo fight, certainly nowhere near as bad as Lud and Zallen, but i think the black Dragonrider should've been a little more different than the red one rather than just being the same but black and with less health once he jumps down to fight you, maybe he could've used the Dragonrider twinblade instead of the halberd and shield, and been more aggressive/agile
By Anonymous
twin dragonriders twin dragonriders