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to whoever might be complaining that there's no pyro class in the game with some of the strongest pyros ever, pick deprived, beeline your way to no man's wharf, unpetrify straid/grind jailers until they despawn and thank me later
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Starting Class Tier List

S Tier: Explorer (best hat)

B Tier: Warrior, Swordsman, Bandit (hats)

D Tier: Knight, Cleric, Sorcerer, Deprived (no hats)
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Starting Class Tier List
S Tier:Knight, Cleric, Bandit
A Tier:Sorcerer
B Tier:Warrior, Swordsman, Explorer
C Tier:Deprived
By Anonymous
Explorer is best choice with best set and items.
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The Classes suck
Warrior is basic
"Knight" isn't a knight at all
Swordsman is anime cringe
Bandit is an archer
Cleric is cool but wasted stats on faith
I don't feel like I need to explain Sorcerer
Merchant has weak items
Deprived doesn't have a weapon
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Which class is the best for a Jack-of-all-trades?
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Deprived or explorer if you want a true jack-of-all-trades experience, knight if you're not interested in magic builds.
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If shields are so important, why only one class start with one?
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Because shield doesn't matter at the start and most of it use for parrying
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because they aren't important in this game. Never really use one
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now yuo see...
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If you're going for melee build pick knight class.

If you're a caster pick sorcerer.

If you're confused pick the explorer.

If you're savage pick deprived.

Thank you.
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When should I pick Warrior?
By Anonymous
If you dislike rapiers
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I find it funny that the bandit has 1 intelligence.
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More than you cun5
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Explorer starts with balanced stats + high Adp, free lockstone and consumables, a fast crit weapon, and a stylish beret with item discovery. Truly the thinking man's class
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100% agree