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After listening to suggestions on how to deal with NPC's you have no interest in, I come to find out the default hidden class in Dark Souls is "******". I love gaming.
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Really? No Pyromancer? I mean, c’mon! They have a dirty rotten Cleric for Gwyn’s sake! Shame on you, greedy guts!
By Anonymous
There's no Pyromancer at the beginning, but you can find Pyromancy spell along the game...
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Well that’s a duh. I mean the game devs never added a class that has good Faith and Intelligence unlike other Dark Souls games, making it harder to start out as a Pyromancer.
By Anonymous
Start deprived and quit whining
By Anonymous
Found that reply here from someone else and sounds quite plausible! I haven't researched it myself though.

"Pyromancers come from the Great Swamp, and it's clear your character is at least somewhat adjacent to Drangleic (enough to know a little about it and to have no real prior knowledge of being Undead) - on top of the fact that Pyromancers are reviled outside of Drangleic. Lordran is the exception, given that it's a ****ing abandoned **** full of death and demons that nobody cares about."
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The Knight Is A Good Starter Class So Is The Bandit
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Why do You Capitalize Every Word?
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I just think its wierd that bandits have the second highest faith and yet have the lowest attunement. they have the power for miracles but not the slots. same with the explorer, has 3rd highest attunement but lower than average int and faith
By Anonymous
It's because he's a bandit with faith not a cleric. He has faith in the gods but he figths his wepaons not mriacles
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When you notice the joke they made there...
"Bandits" with "faith"
Now go give you money to your religious figure (God, Alah, Budah, etc) in order to guarantee your place in their respective views of "paradise".
Yeah...bandits with faith
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Haven played in a long time, anyone remember which class is best to start with

By Anonymous
you could start cleric and go easy mode with the mace, or you could go knight and get petrified something as your starting gift. Just keep using your petrified something, until you get the great hammer. 1/50 drop so kinda rare. might get boring restarting 50 times though.
By Anonymous
Deprived... Always...
By Anonymous
There's no "best to start with". Better saying, there's no "best class" at all!
It all depends on your game style. Maybe you're a melee person (like me).
Maybe you rather stay away from enemies and cast all kind of spells.
Maybe you're looking for a specific type of weapon cause you're playing for the look-and-feel of the character too!
Maybe you're speedrunning it?
It's very subjective.
By Anonymous
I love how DS makes such **** classes to choose from. How bout hand me the 54 points and let me decide. Been a gamer since I was 4 and am now 39 years old so I think I can figure it out.
By Anonymous
That's not very pump-a-rum of you.
By Anonymous
Theres already a class for that and its called deprived you moron
By Anonymous
Dun't bee such a fkn Trump Supporter
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You sound like what drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth tastes like
By Anonymous
Deprived is just equally distributed. I believe he meant something like "54 points to put anywhere". For example, invest all initial 54 points into strength and 0 for everything else.
In a way I think that would fit more the Deprived class.
It's just cause "equally distributed" is not the same as "freely distributed by the player".
Anyway, we get that you're a grown up in numbers, but it doesn't have much to do with "can figure it out".
Lots of long term "gamers" have trouble with that stuff, specially when you don't know what goes underneath the stats and their very brief explanations. For example, there's no text indication of breakpoints for each stat. And you most likely will be using items, which will affect all of them. It's a lot to take in, which for me is the beauty in RPGs: the build variety is "infinite"!
Anyway, cheers!
By Anonymous
Go play D&D if you want point-buy. Don't diss a game cuz you can't handle how the starting classes aren't power-builds
By Anonymous
You're the moron here, missing the point. The Deprived is a SL1 char, which means you get those stats 'for free'. You can distribute points however you like on top of that. Unless you want to start with SL1 with 1 in each stat. As for the other classes – that's part of the design of this game. It's not about whether you 'can figure it out'. Idiot.
By Anonymous
Bandit best class for no bonfire + no death run, deprived for everything else.
Leveling ADP is for bad players.
By Anonymous
For bad players? you sound really stupid, man.
By Anonymous
How can I "sound" stupid if I write? You dumb ****.
By Anonymous
Leveling ADP is for people who want to enjoy this game the way they do the other Souls games.
By Anonymous
The definition of sound when used in that context applies to the written word.

But good job epically owning that guy with a dad joke.
By Anonymous
ADP is the same as leveling vigor in elden ring, it's for people that actualy want to play a video game for the fun of it, not for people to gate keep the game because they are "difficult." the reason they are "hard" is because the developers designed the game without a difficulty option so they can give everyone a very specific experience but nowadays people only see it as games that are hard and unfun mainly because of these elitists that gate keep the game and kill half the playerbase from enjoying it for what it is. tour the same as this quote right here "I bEaT mElAnEa wItHoUt SoMmOnS aNd yOu ShOuLd To BeCase if yoU DoN't YoUr nOt a r E a L gA MEr."
By Anonymous
still confused why pyromancer isn't an option.
By Anonymous
Pyromancers come from the Great Swamp, and it's clear your character is at least somewhat adjacent to Drangleic (enough to know a little about it and to have no real prior knowledge of being Undead) - on top of the fact that Pyromancers are reviled outside of Drangleic. Lordran is the exception, given that it's a ****ing abandoned **** full of death and demons that nobody cares about.
By Anonymous
I’d suggest warrior, it may have a **** weapon but it has great stats, also if you start with the petrified something and get lucky or go grab the morning star you should have a good weapon for early to mid game
By Anonymous
Level Adjustment (actual points spent vs Deprived)
Warrior: -1 (SL 12 vs 10 points spent)
Knight: 0 (SL 13 vs 12 spent)
Swordsman: 0 (SL 12 vs 11 spent)
Bandit: 0 (SL 11 vs 10 spent)
Cleric: 0 (SL14 vs 13 spent)
Sorcerer: 0 (SL 11 vs 10 spent)
Explorer: 0 (SL11 vs 10 spent)
Deprived: baseline
Warrior is statistically the worst class you can pick.
By Anonymous
Your calcs are off
Sum of all starting stats for Deprived = 54 at SL 1
Sum of all starting stats for all other classes minus their starting SL +1 = 54
Deprived: Warrior: SL 1; Vig 6; End 6; Vit 6; Attun 6; Str 6; Dex 6; Adp 6; Int 6; Fth 6 - Total: 54 at SL1
Warrior: SL 12; Vig 7; End 6; Vit 6; Attun 5; Str 15; Dex 11; Adp 5; Int 5; Fth 5 - Total: 65 at SL 12 (Subtract 12 = 53 at SL 0, +1 = 54 at SL 1)

Every other class works out to be identical at 54 points at SL1
There is no objective difference between each class if standardised to the Deprived baseline at SL 1
By Anonymous
it doesn't matter, just pick the one with relevant stats to your build lol, no point in min maxing cause of soul memory. if you have to pick the best possible class just use a class optimizer/calculator
By Anonymous
If you're ONLY going for pure strength without redistributing stats later then I would 100% agree as a strength build and using this class for now. The reason is many really strong strength weapons require very little dex which is wasted in this class hence knight is better. But if I'm planning to switch from str to dex or quality later on so in this case warrior is the best.