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I actually went with this one on my very first contact with the game and i'm now SL130+. It was a pain at the very start due to the lack of strong hits but once you get the stats up to par (drangleic armor set for example) it's getting easier. The learning curve teaches you how to be humble when playing though, definately recommend it for a first contact class, I had a blast with it and I'm only half way through the game (2 out of 4 special boss souls (the sinner and the old iron king)) but it's easier to adapt to any situation with this class (eventhough you need a lot and i mean a LOT of souls at start). Awesome experience all the way!


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I forgot to specify that i was talking about the deprived class -_-
This is my first run through of dark souls 2 and I have taken my time with it. And the more videos and walkthroughs of the game, people are using magic and I don't know how to use/select the magic for my quick select. I only have right and left handed weapon and the item.
You need to have ATN to at least level 10. Then go to a bonfire, and attune spells. However, if your Faith or INT is not high enough for those spells, or you don't have a chime for miracles, you can't cast them. Hope it helps.
Shrek is the most OP of all you can get all stats at 99 early since there is a glitch where he stays sl1 throughout the whole game meaning cheap 500 souls also sta4ts with fully reinforced equipment and every boss weapon and smelter hammer with infinite petrified dragon bone
I just got mlg edition and instead of estus flask its mountain dew,and unlimited and pvp is easy with shrek class
Shrek starts with great club havels shield faraam armor 50 vgr 80 end 25 vit 3 atn 50 str 20 dex 1 int 2 fth 90 adp
For dark souls 2 mlg edition only
Is there a shrek class?
How is he unlocked
there is no shrek class you are being trolled
1. Pick sorcerer
2. Go backtrack and find the track with big footprints
3. Kill the big fat guy with your magic arrow
4. Equip stunlock ring
5. Progress through tutorial
6. Find out Snorlax had friends
7. Kill them
8. Go back to the old ladies
9. Get ladle
10. Hit things with the ladle until it breaks
11. ?????
12. Profit
I'm hung up on step 11.
Sounds like killing the fat guy but with extra steps. (Rick and Morty reference)
Not even an HP number? COME ON!
Sorcerer starting with 3 strength. Making it one of the worst starting class
If you want to play a sorcerer then you don't really need strength
I can't wait to get dark souls 2 Sad about the health loss after every death
I know I don't like the health drop after each death
This will is very helpful for casuals kust kidding
I'm on PS4 on SoTFS and I was wondering if anyone could help me boost a new character to SL 194. My PSN is NathanHawaii