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By Hopit
In SOFS, got this as a drop from a Lion Warrior in normal game (not NG+)
By RevFelix
It says there is a warlock in aldia's keep. But on the page there is no mention of it, or aldia's key. I didn't encounter one either. Is it possibly in ng+? I'm having difficulty obtaining this helm...
By Gerbz227
increases souls gained by 2.5 its not in notes.. where that kinda info is normally kept, i missed it up top
By Anonymous
I cannot find this on ds2 sotfs for 360..The petrified lion is not there in the shaded woods...Plzzzzz help me get this lol
By Anonymous
Why did this comment get so hated lol he's just asking a question
By Anonymous
It’s gated cause it’s a question on a wiki with the answers
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By MrStealYoGrl69
Sorry I forgot to log in when I posted the comment above this one saying that the petrified lion was not in the shaded woods area on my game...Plz help me find this item...
By Anonymous
The lion warrior is SOTFS only and isn't there in regular DS2. If you have SOTS:
- go to the last bonfire of shaded woods
- go down the hallway the bonfire is in
- go straight ahead into the ruins (left of you should be the pit of the scorpion guy and right of you the area in which you fight Najika)
- in the ruins in the room in the back is the Lion Warrior in the corner on top of a corpse
By Anonymous
Warlock set? Wait is there really a whole set?
By Anonymous
No, there isn´t, its an error
By Anonymous
Like a lot of other gear, the on game description does not mention the +2 intel boost. I would have be3n wearing this MUCH more often had I known. Just thought it was soul boosting. I wonder why there are so many hidden effects.
By Anonymous
Note: You need 14 Intelligence to use this mask properly. In the "requirements and bonus" tab, this is not said.
By Anonymous
You still get the soul bonus even if you dont have the 14 Int requirement
By Anonymous
wasted my branch on this when i could have farmed it :(
By Anonymous
i mean, you can farm branches with bonfire ascetic, and you can also farm bonfire ascetic, so you can farm anything
By Anonymous
only stupid people use this mask like that one "draco phobobs" kid
By Anonymous
warlock **** victim ahead
By Anonymous
Just got this from Prowling Magus but see no mention of it even being able to drop