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By iAbuseCows
How do you get to lower brightstone cove?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
There is a ledge near the zipline to the right drop there (SOTFS)
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
this bonfire is essentialyl useless. YOu have it tagged for the boss but it not only is nowhere near the boss but the previous bonfire offers a shortcut to the boss. this stupid thing just brings you to a big pit and you get shot at and constantly die. don't use this crap bonfire. From teh chapel gate, walk to ledge, fall over ledge . poof. you can bypass all this nonsense.
By Anonymous
Bro everyone know that but this is for use a BONFIRE, like if in your first run you want the Old Paledrake Soul to get early the Moonlight Greatsword.
By Anonymous
There is a room near the side of the pit, next to the red crystal lizard, that connects to the other side of the cove. You walk through a hole in the wall and open the door to the other side. It’s a direct path to the boss.
By Anonymous
Bonfire is used to warp quickly to weaponsmith ornifex , nothing else
By Anonymous
Can it gravel brain
By Graff
Iiiii there's no second zipline wtf