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By Anonymous
FWIW, the knights seem to stagger when I used a Stone Ring and a mace (Lightning Blacksmith Hammer). I suppose Stone Ring + any strike damage will do the same — breaks their poise with every hit. Considering you can’t backstab them this was pretty useful.
By Anonymous
Thank you, but what does FWIW stand for?
By Anonymous
I think we can all agree that this is a horrible boss right? Guy below seems like he agrees
By Anonymous
Great boss, I don't get why he had trouble with the knights, I managed to take them all out without even using a flask in my first attmept
By Anonymous
Thank you fromsoft B team, I really love the part where I only have 2 flasks left before the start of the ****ing fight becasue they portals reheat for an infinite amont of times, Incredible game design!
By Anonymous
don't hate just bc you're bad
By Anonymous
My sincerest sympathy to all the the knights who died while defending me against their corrupted king :(
By Anonymous
Ivory "gigachad" King...
- Built a throne right above the gate of chaos.
- Married a shard of Manus to be his queen and make her a better person.
- Became the first line of defense from the chaos in order to protect his people.
- Had 3 giant magical beasts as pet.
- Sacrifice himself for the good of others.
- Put two of his pets in the blizzard to mercy killing undead exiles so they won't suffer freezing in eternity.
- Having one of the most badass entrance in souls series.
By Anonymous
Why the **** would you list a bunch of cool/positive things but call him a giga-loser(chad)? Do you think loser is a good thing? WTF?
By Anonymous
07 Sep 2022 08:33 stop using drugs dude, wtf are you even talking about.
By Anonymous
He married Womanus!
By Anonymous
Such a cool boss and a very satisfying ending to a pretty good DLC.

The summons made this fight a lot easier for me. Was getting my *** whooped trying to take him solo (last knight kept dying early), so I just said **** it, brought in both summons, got the knights to close the portals ASAP and then with both phantoms and the remaining knight all in good shape, we just ganked the **** out of the boss, GG.
By Anonymous
This would be a good boss, but bc of how agonizingly slow, lethargic and clunky ds2 is, it’s just an awful fight not to mention the **** hit boxes. Honestly this boss would be better in ds3.
By Anonymous
ds3 is worse than ds2.. Git gud.. Just cause you're too impatient to actually learn how to play the game and can't spam dodges and estus flasks like in ds3 doesn't mean everyone else is
By Anonymous
Ds2,has sh!t hitboxs, bad levels, too many duo bosses, and very clunky. It's soooooooooo much better then Ds3
By Anonymous
DS2 = beautiful diverse world to explore with meaningful secrets everywhere, incredible build variety, beautiful armors and weapons, powerstancing, real challenge (though annoying at times,) the only good puzzle boss in the entire series (Undead Chariot,) wonderfully creative DLC areas to explore and figure out except for Frigid Outskirts.

DS3 = DS1 fanservice everywhere (to the point of almost fanfic or parody,) bland dull looking world with a few highlights here or there, limited build variety for PvE, most weapons are garbage or have been nerfed into nothingness, armors are fugly, enemies have zero poise, tiny worthless levels like Anor Londo and Profaned Capital, zero challenge in the levels - only challenge in the game comes from damage sponge bosses or the stupid ballista in Smouldering Lake

Yes DS2 has a few bad hitboxes, this boss being one of them. DS3 also has garbage hitboxes that people conveniently ignore. I had more "hit by nothing" phantom deaths to Friede's father or a chain clipping through the floor or wall in Archdragon Peak than I ever had in DS1 or DS2. And while DS2 has worse ganks, you can despawn them easily, whereas DS3 you still go through those annoying sections of Archdragon Peak every single time.
By Anonymous
This boss fight is an excellent place to grind for levels infinitely. Great XP, reasonably low danger. Managable enemy groups and no running around. Just go in, kill as many knights as you can and warp back. Repeat ad infinitum.

And for anyone who thinks you shouldn't grind for levels until you have 99 in all stats in NG I can only remind you that multiplayer level caps are only for people who care for MP and only for when the devs fix the MP which they won't ever.
By Anonymous
I struggled with him a lot in NG+, even after thinking he was easy the first time. Then i remembered i used a much lighter weapon and and a lighter equip load, i later beat him first try. Dont forget what you learn guys!
By Anonymous
Ivory king only good king or lord in dark souls
By Anonymous
Vendrick is a good king too he just got manipulated by Nashandra
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